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Self Healing Visualization

Self Healing Visualization is an indispensable component of our arthritis nature cure program. Our arthritis guests are introduced to the concept of Self Healing Visualization by controlled and focused mental imagery during the first day at the clinic.  

We have found a definite and direct correlation between an arthritis sufferer’s desire to get well and her determination to actually do something about it everyday and the level of success she can expect. As they say talk is cheap.  

The most successful recoveries I’ve seen from rheumatoid arthritis and other serious rheumatic disorders have been those where patients were taught to visualize the actual healing process – within the context of a daily, repetitive effort.

Often a trained, live person or taped audio presentation is used to guide this kind of mental healing session. Although guests often prefer a live voice, I personally conduct my own visualization sessions by either reading the script or where I repeat certain affirmations from memory.

Depending on the occasion, we may play calming but inspiring music to help attune the senses to the mood we are trying to create.  

After guests are seated in an appropriate room, we close the door to ensure there will be no outside sound or visual distractions. I conduct each session which lasts approximately 15 minutes. At predetermined points of the presentation guests are urged to actively participate mentally in the session. Each guest is asked to silently repeat, after me, an affirmation and confirmation of self healing. 

How we conduct our visualization sessions

The first thing I mention is the need for mind and spirit to work hand in hand with the body to bring about the desired healthy outcome each guest is seeking. Then I explain a bit about how destructive mental and emotional tendencies can undermine good health and actually contribute greatly to the development of Arthritis.  

I ask each guest to watch her breath effortlessly – in and out. I suggest the thought that in her mind’s eye she see herself surrounded by a healing white light entering her entire body, then into the blood stream and into the nervous system with each inhalation of breath.  

The guest is then asked to imagine and feel the light collecting in the center of her head and subsequently to feel the energy produced in this area of the brain permeate out to the afflicted areas of the body and flooding these areas with a warm, white, healing light. 

At that point the guest is asked to clearly visualize herself being up and about, walking, running, swimming, at play, without any pain or restriction of movement what so ever.  

I further suggest the guest hold a conversation in mind with friends and relatives telling them how wonderful she feels. She’s asked to see herself using the afflicted part of the body as would any normal person – without pain or movement restriction. 

Affirmation and confirmation are the keys

The key is affirmation and confirmation that a total healing is taking place.  All aspects of a guest’s mental, emotional and physical makeup must be participating. This is the one sure way you know that every part of an arthritis sufferer's being really does want to be well again. 

It's helpful for a guest to learn to completely relax. When a guest is not taxed or over burdened with worldly concerns she has greater potential to see clearly in mind exactly what she wants to accomplish during the Self Healing Visualization session. 

If a guest is unsure what a certain affected body part looks like, I suggest the guest go to our library and look through a full color, illustrated book of the human anatomy. She can then get a good idea in mind of what the organ looks like and its function before attempting a healing of that organ during the daily Self Healing Visualization sessions. 

The human body is constructed along certain exact and specific electromagnetic lines. It will best respond to very strong, willful commands. The more a guest knows about the biological function of a given diseased body part, the quicker and more completely she will be able to assist in the body’s natural healing efforts of that body part. It is much like splitting wood. If you go against the grain it can be quite difficult. If you split the wood along the grain it's an easy task.  

The timing of the Self Healing Visualization session is important in that a guest must have enough nerve force and mental energy to mentally direct blood and nerve force to certain afflicted areas of the body to assist nature with the physical healing taking place at the bio-cellular level.  

If a guest is breaking fast and has eaten a meal or engaged in vigorous exercise within one or two hours previous to the session, it can be difficult attempting to direct any nerve force or blood away from the stomach or affected muscle groups to send onward to where they are needed to quicken the healing process. 

Two important elements that must always be present for an effective healing to take place are directed thought and visualization and the readiness to actually see oneself healed and well. As strange as this may sound many people are ill quite simply because they will not allow themselves to be well. It is essential that we allow ourselves to enjoy good health. We tell our guests that they must feel worthy of good health and well being.  

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