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Javierís Incredible Story

Hello, Iím Javier. The story I have to tell you may seem incredible but I assure you that everything youíre about to read did happen to me. I know your time is at a premium so Iíll make this brief and to the point. 

In 1993 I had an accident that changed my life forever. A young driver with a blood alcohol level three times the legal driving limit rear-ended me. It was 9:00 at night and I had stopped at a red light.

The driver slammed his 1977 Monte Carlo into the back of my Toyota pickup at over 90 miles per hour. The force of the impact was so great it lifted the truck and sent it airborne and tumbling down the road.  

When the police arrived they found me ejected from the truck and laying unconscious on the ground. The police and emergency medical technicians from the local hospital had a difficult time keeping me here in this world. Thoughts of my son Xavier and other loved ones helped me maintain my grip on my body.  

The physicians who took me under care at Scripps Hospital in San Diego told me Iíd cracked my fourth and fifth vertebrae. My sixth and seventh vertebrae were completely shattered and blown out of position. A large section of the broken seventh vertebrae was pressing against my nerve root and spinal chord. 

One of the surgeons expressed his disbelief that the sharp bone fragment had not severed the nerve root completely. It had only damaged the fatty protective coating on the nerve known as the myelin sheath.  This was the nerve root that controlled all movement on the entire right side of my body. If it had been severed I wouldnít be standing here today in front of you under my own power.

The next amazing discovery by my chief surgeon was that when he removed the bone fragment pressing against the nerve root the nerve immediately reconstituted to 40% or normal capacity. There was serious trauma to the myelin sheath but no detectable permanent damage.

My physicians were all completely dumfounded as to why I wasnít paralyzed on my entire right side - if not a total quadriplegic. 

I experienced some loss of sensation in my right arm and leg during the month I was hospitalized at Scripps. Immediately after being discharged I saw an acupuncturist. To his amazement the acupuncturist was able to completely restore full use of my right arm and leg with a single treatment. 

I told him that the secret to the strength and resilience of my nervous system lie in one of Dr. Jensenís health shakes that Paul put me on in the early 80ís when I went to see him as a patient. My energy reserves were low at the time and my entire body was biologically unbalanced. Paul suggested a mineral-packed health drink that would rebuild my nervous system and restore strength, vigor and balance to my entire body. The drink helped rebuild all of my bodily systems. I had been taking the drink daily right up until the day of my life-altering accident.

My traditional doctorís prognosis of my short and long term health picture was grim. He predicted Iíd suffer the vicious pains of rheumatoid arthritis soon after being discharged from Scripps. He also pronounced that I could never again expect to engage in any physical activities involving jolts and shocks to the skeletal system such as running, jumping, jogging or even fast walking. 

I can happily report to you that since leaving my hospital bed Iíve been snowboarding and hiking with my son and working long hours restoring vintage cars Ė which involves heavy lifting at times and being in awkward positions often. I continue to take my morning shake, to which Iíve added frozen strawberries and blue green algae

With the exception of a few metal plates and screws inserted in my neck for structural support I am completely healed and recovered, without any physical limitations what so ever - to the utter amazement of my physicians. 

The incredible super drink Iíd been taking for almost a decade prior to my accident saved my nervous system and my life. I beat the odds by relying on nature to set my body up for what was a remarkable recovery and what I feel will be a long and physically active life. 

My body had been building up all of its systems quietly and deliberately and secretly fortifying itself against any unforeseen shocks and traumatic experiences such as my accident posed. 

Although my circumstances could be considered unusual there is no reason to believe a similar morning drink - with ingredients properly suited for your physical constitution -  couldnít do wonders for your health as well. 

Paul has something to add to my story.  

Thanks for telling us something about your remarkable experience Javier. I want to take a few minutes now to tell everyone something about an important principle that is essential to understanding the effectiveness of our health restoration and ongoing maintenance program. It ties in somewhat with what Javier has just related to us. The story I want to share with you is about how only Nature Cures Disease.

When you return to this page we'll continue our facility tour and find out why deep tissue cleansing is such an important component of our nature cure program. Please open the door ahead that leads to our Colonic Irrigation Treatment.

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