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A healthy but light meal of whole, organic foods and beverages should be served during any fasterís fast breaking period, which usually lasts for three days immediately following a fast.

This mini-diet - as Jensen liked to call it - follows each fasting period and is designed to prepare digestive organs and the bowel for normal processing of food.  Following this period, fasters are encouraged to begin consuming foods and beverages that are high in basic and essential nutrients. This should continue for a period of at least three consecutive months.

The fast-breaking meals are prepared to highlight natural colors found in the fruits and vegetables and it all tastes delicious. Most of the foods found on the Organic Meals Menu are high in such important elements as organic sodium, calcium, iron and potassium. These are four elements particularly beneficial in helping to reverse rheumatic conditions such as arthritis.  

During the time that guests are put on the Organic Meals Menu they are given certain raw food supplements to take with solid meals. The food supplements - such as liquid chlorophyll, brown rice syrup and raw wheat germ - are made from whole, organically grown foods and always either in powder or liquid form for easy digestion and assimilation.  

Each of the food supplements plays an important role in helping to first cleanse the system of toxic waste, drug residue and excess acid. Then they subsequently take part in the rebuilding process that restores mineral reserves to proper levels, restores the immune systemís readiness capability and reintroduces order and balance to affected bodily systems.  

Our intention is to always serve naturally grown, wholesome, healthy, organic foods and beverages to give each guest the best chance to rejuvenate their bodies and once again enjoy good health and well-being. 

As with the Fasting Menu, this website is not the proper venue for recommending any specific meals menu. Any menus displayed at this site are purely generic. We would need to know the particulars of your personal set of circumstances before suggesting what types of foods should or should not be consumed.  

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