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Only nature has the proven power to cure degenerative disease or any condition of physical impairment. This includes all chronic and degenerative disease conditions such as arthritis, emphysema or even cancer.

Once a patient can grasp this concept - about nature being the only force capable of generating the kind of coordinated systemic activity required to render a cure or healing for any disease state - the first and most important step on the road to recovery will have been taken. 

Natureís ability to affect a cure of a degenerative disease, or any condition of physical impairment, is greatly impacted by the amount of human influence present during the healing process.  

Lessons learned from the animal kingdom

An example of this can be seen in nature. When a wild animal is sick with disease it will inevitably stop eating food. The mini fast the animal subsequently undertakes is natureís special mechanism for allowing a natural ďcureĒ to take place. The animalís digestive and assimilative systems are allowed to rest in order that blood and energy can be focused in those diseased body parts that require natureís healing attention.  

The ability of the animalís body to focus its rejuvenative energies where needed allows nature to quickly cure the disease or otherwise correct the compromised state of health. 

On the other hand, most human arthritis sufferers are told by their traditional doctors that there is absolutely no cure for the disease. Arthritis patients are often encouraged to take their medicine and simply accept arthritis as a disease of old age. The average arthritis sufferer is given little hope for complete recovery and is usually buffaloed - by peer pressure - into traditional symptomatic courses of therapy. 

Jensen was quite successful at bringing even the worst cases of arthritis and other forms of chronic and degenerative disease states back to restored health. He had an uncanny ability to create the right mental and emotional atmosphere within each patient while simultaneously restoring strength and energy at an early stage during the recuperative process.  

This generally took place during or shortly after the first week of fasting and simultaneous deep tissue cleansing. Without sufficient energy reserves there was little chance for a patient to have a happy and satisfactory treatment outcome at Jensenís Hidden Valley Health Ranch and sanitarium, in Escondido, California. 

A sick body is a tired and enervated body

Jensen taught that a sick body is a tired body. Thereís no energy to do anything. Itís a hassle to get out of bed in the morning. Some days you donít have the energy or time to take your morning shower. Your clothes seem to take too much time and energy to put on. 

You feel that life has somehow left you behind. It seems that nature isnít interested in you anymore. And to top it all off your physical troubles are compounded by the overwhelming burden of the daily demands put on you mentally and emotionally.  

Sick people arenít usually happy people. I mean happy in the sense where you can wake up in the morning, stretch and tell the world youíre glad to be alive. Iím talking about the kind of happiness where you canít wait to get up and going with your day - everyday. 

In my work I have adhered closely to Jensenís philosophy and basic formula for long-term restoration of patient health and well-being.  

Nature is slow but deliberate

Over the years, Iíve found that nature is sometimes slow in correcting our ailments but she is exacting, deliberate and relentless - if we allow her the opportunity to perform on our behalf. When we follow nature we follow a tried and tested path. The only true path to disease recovery.  

Each step is laid out before us and we need only trust that the path revealed will get us to where we want to be - optimum health and happiness.  

Degenerative disorders such as arthritis and cancer take time to set up shop and develop in the body. When we invite nature in to initiate a healing process she will move with the same tedious, steadiness of purpose that took place when the diseases was developing.  

Nature retraces all disease symptoms back to the initial inflammation

For you to be cured of ANY disease state, nature must follow the same road to recovery that you traveled while developing the disease state. This is why we appropriately call it the reversal process.  You must retrace and undo every knot youíve tied previously. This can allow natureís healing forces to get in and do their thing. 

As a general, fairly reliable rule of thumb, for every year a chronic or degenerative disease was developing - before its presence became evident - it can take your body one month to fully recuperate from the disorder. This is not to say that nature canít render a cure or substantial alleviation of the condition in lesser time. But, in general, this rule seems to hold up across the board. 

Words for the wise

I was assisting Jensen one day with a project at his sanitarium. At one point he looked up from his notes and unexpectedly said, ďit seems like every time I pick up one those medical journals or natural health magazines I see an ad or an article about how some wonder drug or vitamin can magically cure all the arthritis and cancer cases in the world or relieve their pain permanently.  

ďI wish I could somehow jump up off the page when someone begins reading and shout out that cures donít happen that way. Only nature can cure disease. All we can do is create the condition for that to take place and then step back out of the way and allow nature to get in and do her work.Ē 

Jensen also mentioned during that conversation that a woman came to see his greatest mentor and teacher - Dr. Victor G. Rocine, a Norwegian homeopath - about a cancer diagnosis she received from a traditional oncologist. She heard that Dr. Rocine could work miracles with the sick and infirm. 

During the office visit Rocine told the patient she should have been in to see him fifteen or twenty years earlier before the cancer developed. The tales she heard about his miraculous cures were all wrong. HE could cure NOTHING!  

Shocked and angered the woman demanded to know how it was that so many people in the area with everything from arthritis to cancer and emphysema were reportedly cured by him. To this Rocine calmly replied that only nature can cure disease. All he ever did for any of the other patients Ė and all that he could do for her Ė was to get each patient into the right frame of mind to carry out the necessary cleansing and tissue rebuilding functions to allow nature the opportunity to heal and cure

Outside of that there was absolutely nothing he could personally do for her. This endeavor was strictly between the patient and nature. Rocine could offer advice and assistance but ultimately SHE would determine how effectively nature could go about the unavoidable and quite necessary task of cleaning and rebuilding her body along specific, natural, healthy lines. 

Nature can cure if given the right opportunity

This is the message that I, as a student of Jensen and Rocine, bring to you. I have one guiding ideal which I hold out to all who come to me for service. I will help prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically for what may be the greatest event of your life - your special date with nature as she cleans and rebuilds the temple of your body to make it a fitting vessel to house the spark of divine life that resides within. 

I will walk with you step by step along this path. But it is ultimately you alone who must strike your bargain with Nature to ensure she can effectively and thoroughly clean house and set your body up for a healthy and satisfactory outcome. 

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