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Barbaraís Healthy Meals

Hello, Iím Barbara, the facility chef. Itís my job to ensure fasting guests are served the proper dietary combination of herbal teas, broths and juices during fasts and then healthy, organic meals when breaking a fast.

I grew up in the upper Midwest of the U.S., back in the early 50s when nature cure facilities were just becoming popular Ė particularly in certain parts of the U.S., Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. many of the European nature cure health centers were receiving critical acclaim and attention for the miracles being performed there daily for guests who had the worst conditions of Arthritis imaginable. 

A large number of Swedish nature cure health centers that adhered to strict programs of supervised fasts using herbs, fruits and vegetable juices followed by sensible, healthy, organically based diets, were inspired by their Swiss and German neighbors

Many of the biological treatment sanitariums in the three countries were the forerunners of the modern day European movement to employ scientifically designed, supervised fasts and subsequent healthy organic meals for the treatment of a long list of wasting diseases such as arthritis and cancer. 

Biological treatment sanitariums such as Brandal, Bjorkagarden Health Institute, Bircher Benner and Vita Nova boasted the most remarkable records of success. These nature cure centers were very good at stopping the agonizing pain of arthritic disorders and often completely reversing the system-wide acidic conditions that led to the extreme bodily discomfort and ugly joint deformities associated with the disease. Thousands of guests went to the biological treatment sanitariums after theyíd experienced little if any measurable relief of their ailments using conventional drug and surgical therapies. 

Iíve always been amazed at how consistently - time after time Ė a serious nature nure program involving tissue cleansing, supervised fasting, organic meals consisting primarily of raw vegetables, regular exercise, sufficient rest and the proper mental attitude could enable a determined arthritis sufferer to have a happy and healthy outcome. Arthritis Case Histories.

I was impressed by the wonderfully conceived and beautifully prepared fresh, organic meals that each of the world famous sanitariums served to their guests without exception. 

There are many factors contributing to natural, lasting reversal of arthritis and many other disorders. In my experience, Iíd say the supervised fasts and subsequent healthy organic meals - consisting of organic fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, juices, berries, herbal teas, broths and raw clabbered milk products - would have to be considered very important. They are the foundation that allows the entire healing environment to set up and take hold within each arthritis suffererís body.

I know youíre anxious to see what exactly we serve to guests daily here at the sanitarium. Have a seat with me at that table over there by the large window and weíll take a look at my Fasting Menu and my Organic Meals Menu.

Iím glad to have met you. Be sure to take a look at both of my menus. Paul will continue with your tour by taking you to The Garden. Goodbye. 

Thanks for the show and tell, Barbara. Okay, letís walk out the door ahead and go out into The Garden









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