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Arthritis Case Histories

The following case histories are typical of the results arthritis sufferers with similar complications can expect when the proper corrective measures, such as we offer, are adopted.

Although it is impossible to determine what results can be expected for any given patient, particularly where joints are locked or fused – such as with ankylosis – certainly a change in lifestyle and other corrective measures can bring about a partial if not total recovery from Arthritis. 

Patient 1: 

Female, 86 years old  

Patient complained of extreme pain in left knee joint which began approximately one year previous to visit. She began using a walking cane for the first time in her life to assist with mobility. Three months prior to my visit, patient underwent orthoscopic knee surgery in Texas to remove what were determined by her orthopedic surgeon to be calciferic growths in her knee joint. Although her physician deemed the operation a success, soon after the operation she began experiencing excruciating pain from both the surgical incision and the original complaint. Patient was compelled to take pain medication at multiple intervals daily in order to lessen the pain. 


During the initial consultation with patient I discovered that her diet was high in acid forming foods, with few alkaline raw foods being consumed daily - an ideal environment for the development of the system wide acidic condition which often indicates a lack of organic sodium.  I explained to her that this is how arthritis and other rheumatic diseases usually get started. We discussed the need to correct her arthritic condition through reversal of the steps she took in building the disease. I explained that such an effort should include: 

  • An initial period of fasting utilizing juice, broth, water and herbal teas
  • Cleansing of all channels of bodily waste elimination
  • Restoring biochemical balance through proper nutrition
  • Replacing old worn out tissue with new tissue
  • Daily movement of limbs to help stimulate blood and lymph circulation
  • Making appropriate changes to her lifestyle

Patient was enthusiastic about the possibility of recovery by natural means. She was a practicing Seventh Day Adventist and felt that proper nutrition should be at the center of any successful effort to reverse a disease condition. Patient decided to initially forego the fast, colon cleanse and skin brushing regimens. She began a four week menu of whole foods and nutritious beverages. Within one week of starting the program patient’s grandson called to inform me she no longer needed her cane. Her level of pain and discomfort had literally disappeared. She was no longer taking any of her pain medication.   

Special Note:
Currently patient continues to improve and is relatively free of arthritic pain.


Patient 2: 

Female, 90 years old 

Patient complained that since her 90th birthday she felt weak, enervated and disoriented. She began losing her balance on occasion and felt the need to utilize a walking cane to ensure stability while walking or standing. During this period of time she noticed stiffness in her joints, occasioned by dull pain. She was also incontinent and complained of periodic pain in the region of her Liver. 


Upon consultation I discovered that patient had not consumed any raw vegetables since age 50. When questioned about this she explained that her physician at the time advised her to consume only cooked foods. The nutritional quantity and quality of her daily diet was poor. My examination/evaluation revealed a state of rheumatoid arthritis which had been developing for quite some years. Her systemic levels of inorganic mineral salts and toxic debris were high. Her organic sodium and potassium reserves were virtually depleted. 

I immediately put patient on a short diet of whole foods, nutritious beverages and concentrated natural food substances. Within two weeks patient began to feel better and to see definite improvement with the way her body was functioning as a whole. Three weeks following my consultation with patient she underwent a three day fast. Within a week after breaking the fast she reported that she had lost unwanted weight, she had very little pain remaining in her joints, her elimination was better and she could walk about her house without pain and without the use of a cane. Patient continues to improve daily and is very excited about her results in such a short period of time.

Special Note:
Patient is now consuming some raw vegetation daily and enjoying it.

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