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Gardening for a short time each day is an excellent tonic for improving health and restoring a sense of well-being. 



The Garden

Our fasting guests tell us The Garden is one of their favorite locations within the sanitarium. Little wonder when you consider all of the lovely, colorful flowers, visually pleasing landscape, abundant sage, pine, juniper and sweet, airborne aromas. What our guests most appreciate about The Garden is the soothing, peaceful quietude.  

Let’s take a seat over there at that bench on the lawn, near the bird feeding area. We encourage each guest to spend some time each day - weather permitting - to sit quietly out here in The Garden and just BE with nature.  

Guests are urged to get a little sunshine and lots of fresh, mountain air every day possible. Sunshine and clean air are both abundant here in The Garden. They can make such a difference in the guest’s outlook and the actual physical health outcome. 

Exposing oneself to nature’s healing forces, breathing clean air, soaking in life giving sunshine, in a relaxed environment as guests usually find in The Garden is a planned part of our treatment program.  

A daily visit here is essential for helping to restore one’s health and well being.  The Garden helps establish the appropriate mental and emotional environment necessary to bring about the right conditions for arthritis-free longevity.  

An important part of our arthritis nature cure program here is our attention to the emotional and psychological health of each guest. During the years I spent with Jensen - and since that time - I’ve noticed that guests respond more favorably to our biological treatments when they’re in a good and healthy frame of mind.  

Toward that desired end, as part of our program at the Center, each guest partakes in a daily session of Self Healing Visualization 

These highly recommended and actually quite enjoyable sessions set the stage for the psychological attitude necessary to ensure our nature cure techniques can be successful.  

Admittedly, when my schedule gets a bit too overwhelming I often come out here and sit for a few minutes or so to relax. This seems to be one of the truly quiet areas of the sanitarium grounds where you can get away from it all in mind and spirit. 

If you’ve been with us since the online tour of our facility began, you know that our primary goal is to first determine and correct the conditions that led to the development of arthritis and then to methodically restore good health and create a systemic environment that can effectively promote arthritis-free longevity. 

In addition to our arthritis nature cure program we offer the same course of natural therapeutics to those who suffer with such serious disorders as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, anemia, being overweight or underweight, insomnia, drug/tobacco or alcohol addiction, nephritis, asthma, nervous disorders, cancer and many other illnesses.

The arthritis nature cure program we’ve developed draws from the brilliant works of such biologically oriented practitioners as Father Sebastian Kneipp of Bavaria, Dr. Russel Tral, who started our nation’s first school for biological therapeutics, Dr. John Kellog of Battle Creek Michigan, Henry Lindlahr MD who was considered the authority on Healing Crises manifestations, Hippocrates, Dr. Victor G. Rocine of Norway, the Swedish, Swiss and German nature cure health centers and many third world country nature cure advocates and practitioners. However, it is the singular pioneering work of Jorgen Bernard Jensen DC, ND, PhD that carries the greatest influence in our work.

My decision to adhere to Jensen’s basic philosophy, fasting schedule, organic meals regimen and support activities in treating and bringing arthritis guests back to restored health, was greatly influenced by the eleven years I spent with him at his Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, California.  

During those years I personally witnessed the miraculous recoveries of many guests stricken by arthritis, rheumatism and other horrendous wasting disorders. The primary methods employed were those that we recommend presently. Jensen stressed the need for each guest to psychologically leave behind their old way of life - to walk away from their troubles and begin anew on life’s journey and get back on the right path.  

I recall a class session where a student asked Jensen why there are so many people still suffering from arthritis when almost every long term sufferer of rheumatic disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, were under some traditional doctor’s direct care. Jensen immediately replied that modern medicine seeks to address symptoms of disease. The underlying causes of the disorders were not being addressed. Consequently the problems are rarely if ever solved using traditional health care therapies. 

To illustrate his point Jensen took the class back to a time in his life when he made an extended trip around the globe to the lands and villages of the world’s oldest and healthiest people. His carefully chronicled trip - which was made into a book entitled “World Keys To Health And Long Life” and later into a film entitled “Doctor Bernard Jensen: His Quest For Health And Happiness”, narrated by Actor Dennis Weaver - was intended to bring the long life secrets of the strongest, healthiest old people in the world back to ‘civilized’ society. 

Jensen’s findings were extraordinary and not at all what one might expect.  Before you leave our website I urge you take a look at what the world’s oldest people taught Jensen about what it takes to live a long, healthy and happy life. Healthy Old People 

The REAL cause of arthritis! 

I want to take a few minutes now to share with you my findings - and those of Jensen - about the real Cause of Arthritis 

My, how time flies. If we hurry along to the next room I think we can sit in on an inspiring and quite incredible lecture given by one of our guest speakers, Javier, who’s visiting us from Southern California. Javier was once a patient of mine and - at my urging - became a student of Dr. Jensen’s during the mid 80’s to late 90’s. Javier has an amazing story to tell about how one of Jensen’s ‘nature drinks’ saved him from being an arthritic cripple for life. You’ll need to hear his story for yourself to believe it.  

Walk with me back inside the building and we’ll go listen to Javier’s incredible story 

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