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People often ask what originally attracted me to this field of service. I tell them that while observing Paul in his dealings with arthritis sufferers over the years and as a consequence of reading about the menus served at some of the world famous biological treatment sanitariums in the U.S., and Europe, I developed my own food preparation techniques.

Although I never worked as a cook or chef professionally, for years I have sought just the right nature cure environment where I could learn to properly cook and prepare foods using raw vegetables and ripe fruits, whole grains and raw, whole milk products, that would be healthy and enjoyable for guests. 

During my studies prior to the opening of the facility, I was shocked to find that such temporary, live-in natural treatment centers, as were available throughout Europe, were rare in the United States. You can imagine my great joy when Paul told me he intended to open a nature cure sanitarium which practiced a biological health care delivery model similar to that of his mentor, the late Dr. Bernard Jensen. 

Paul was quite inspired by Jensenís research and sanitarium work in the area of nutrition and its undeniable effect on cellular rejuvenation. When he opened this sanitarium he decided to establish its health care delivery model on the basis of what he perceived to be the best Jensen had to offer guests and students at his Hidden Valley Health Ranch and sanitarium, in Escondido, California. Paul describes a lot of what went on at Hidden Valley Health Ranch in a book he wrote about his experiences at the ranch while studying with Jensen. It was entitled,  Superior Health Doctor Bernard Jensenís Way

There is no greater satisfaction for me than knowing the herbal teas, broths and raw vegetables that are liquefied and used for the juice fast, and the fast-breaking organic meals that I prepare fresh daily, have been so helpful for so many who have come to us for our drug-free, natural treatments. 

I have prepared fasting and fast-breaking menus that have helped many people to completely reverse the acidic conditions that initially led to the development of arthritis and other systemic disorders.

Our fasting philosophy

We believe strongly in the healing power of a therapeutic, supervised fast - particularly for rheumatic conditions such as arthritis.  

Each day of the fast we serve our fasting guests an assortment of raw juices, vegetable broths and herbal teas. We shy away from purely water fasts due to the excessively high levels of systemic toxins thrown so quickly into the blood stream. A prolonged fast consisting of only water can bring about a premature Healing Crisis. 

Our liquefied fasting diet is a gentle approach to fasting where the guest can handle the fasting symptoms without undue mental and emotional distress. Weíve found that an intelligently engineered fast consisting of easily digestible and highly concentrated organic liquid food elements works best for most guests. This enables the body to clean, purify and rebuild itself to ensure a long term, healthy and satisfactory outcome for the guest.

When too many toxins are released by fasting into the bloodstream all at once, the guest can have many uncomfortable experiences. For those instances where guests experience headaches, nausea, joint and soft tissue pains while fasting, we serve them my special, cooked vegetable broth. It is high in organic potassium and usually removes pain and nausea quickly. 

What happens during a fast?

The first thing we want to accomplish with our fasting program is to stimulate each guestís body into burning up excess, toxic material often held in the body by hardened catarrhal settlements. After the third or fourth day of the fast the guestís body can really begin to dispose of this toxic material. During this time many fasters find that the organs of elimination such as the lungs, bowel, kidneys and skin, become quite active and the guest will often expel waste liberally.  

For those fasters who experience a mild form of constipation during the initial stages of the fast, we strongly advise the use of Colonic Irrigation Treatment. This will assist the body in throwing off the excessive amount of toxic matter from the large bowel.

As this is taking place the bodyís natural health building forces kick in and the guest starts turning the corner on her way to restored health and wellness. The guest probably hasnít experienced a Healing Crisis yet but we know that soon she will be there. 

Many of the great healing centers and nature cure practitioners have claimed that fasting is the most effective means of reversing most disease states - particularly Arthritis. Fasting has been effective in helping to dissolve uric acid crystals and inorganic mineral salts - such as calcium - from joints and soft tissue.  

While we agree fasting can be helpful in many rheumatic cases we prefer to say that it is just one indispensable component of our biological treatment program.  

It would be impractical and quite inappropriate for me to give you any type of sample fasting menu here. Without the proper knowledge of what one was doing or competent consultation from a trained practitioner, an unwary faster could experience confusing, disorienting and discouraging health related issues during the fast - such as a Healing Crisis or further deterioration of the disease condition. 

How we properly break a fast

When we begin to break a guestís fast, Paul usually has the guest begin eating a small green, leafy salad without dressing at 1:00 P.M., on the eleventh day of each fasting program. On the twelfth day he recommends the same small raw salad and a baked potato with jacket on or a bowl of brown rice for lunch. Alternately a guest may elect to have one sub-acid, ripe fruit such as an apple, instead of the potato or brown rice on the seventh day of a fasting week. The thirteenth day is often a repeat of what the faster consumes during day twelve.

The purpose in doing this is to slowly reintroduce food to the alimentary tract. During a fast of more than three days the gastric juices decrease their flow and peristaltic action virtually comes to a standstill in the colon. In other words, during a fast there is normally an expected, rapid decrease in the body's ability to properly process and assimilate solid food.

The functions of the stomach, liver and intestines must be jump started slowly in order that they can be gradually brought back to full operation without overburdening these organs with large, heavy meals that cannot be processed efficiently immediately following a prolonged fast. This is the proper way to intelligently break a prolonged fast.

Many diseases and disorders eradicated naturally

Many arthritis sufferers who have come to Paul for his arthritis reversal and recovery program over the years - particularly the fasting and deep tissue cleansing components - have found simultaneous relief and often complete eradication of other ailments they had in addition to their arthritis. His nature cure program has universal application for many disorders. These include:

  • Weight management issues
  • Rheumatism
  • Hypertension
  • Insomnia
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Emphysema
  • High and low blood pressure/anemia
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • Nervous disorders
  • Emotional disorders
  • Psychological disorders
  • Multiple Sclerosis - early stages
  • Senility
  • Memory loss
  • Diabetes
  • Lung disorders
  • Sinus congestion
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Skin disorders
  • Failing eyesight
  • Hearing disorders
  • Lymphatic disorders
  • Inflammations

Although the list is not inclusive of every disorder that can successfully be brought under control or completely eradicated during a scientifically conceived and administered nature cure program, suffice to say that our program can be beneficial for almost any existing disease condition imaginable.

If you or someone you know has any questions or concerns about our arthritis reversal and recovery program please contact Paul. He prefers an initial contact by email if possible. Contact Us.   

Please do not send any personal information by email or through the Contact form. Under normal circumstances he will reply back to you personally, by email, ASAP.  

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