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Arthritis And Drugs

If you intend to spend time at an arthritis nature cure facility, I strongly recommend that you not bring any drugs or other medication for the relief of arthritis pain or other symptoms. The reason for this is that the best clinics and sanitariums will be attempting, in a short period of time, to reverse a degenerative biological condition that requires the complete elimination of cortisone injections, gold injections or any drug, chemicals or otherwise unnatural substances from being introduced to your body during the rehabilitation and rejuvenation process.  

I have found that cortisone injections, gold injections and other biologically unfriendly agents can wreak havoc in a patient who's body is already compromised by arthritis or other rheumatic ailments.  

Dangers of cortisone injections

During the past 2 decades, I've seen a number of arthritis sufferers who have previously been treated with cortisone injections. Many patients have been taking this drug for years. In these cases itís difficult to bring about a complete recovery from arthritis, particularly if the drug has stifled the immune system or compromised other biological systems. 

Patients who are routinely subjected to cortisone injections can experience frequent metabolic disturbances, hormonal imbalances, severe mood swings, depression, anxiety, emotional distress and paranoia. Many patients taking cortisone injections suffer from drug-induced stomach ulcers and liver dysfunction. 

In addition to alternating weeks of fasting and healthy organic meals, I recommend that patients previously under cortisone therapy are given ample quantities of Vitamin B-12. Thanks to the pioneering work of Jensen and a few European bio-researchers, it was established, back in the 60ís, that vitamin B-12 could counteract the ulcer causing effects and liver damage often brought on by injection of the drug cortisone. 

In our work we have found that Vitamin B-12 works best when combined with a healthy diet, controlled fasting, a thorough tissue cleansing program and a mentally healthy environment.  

Problems with gold injections 

Gold injections are used to alleviate some of the pain associated with arthritic joints. They apparently serve no useful purpose in any biological treatment program of cellular rejuvenation.

Reputable sources have reported that gold injections can be highly toxic - resulting in damage of the liver, skin disorders, ulcerations of the gums, gastrointestinal disorders, sight impairment and deafness. 

So great are the risks that attend gold injection therapy that traditional doctors will usually not resort to it until all other known traditional methods of arthritic pain relief have been exhausted. 

There are many drugs currently being used today to alleviate arthritic and rheumatic aches and pains. Thanks to the mass media, even the common aspirin and its generic look-alikes have made their way into the spotlight as supposedly viable pain relief options for arthritis sufferers.  

As with any approach which seeks only to address the symptoms of a disease instead of correcting the root cause of the symptoms, these drugs will have little if any long term, beneficial effects on arthritis sufferers. 

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