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Colonic Irrigation Treatment

Colonic irrigation is an integral part of our arthritis nature cure program. It is not mandatory, however, I strongly urge and encourage each guest at our sanitarium to at least consider colonic irrigation as being a vital component of a thorough tissue cleansing effort. This is particularly the case if the arthritic condition has been evident for many years.

During a fast of at least five days the body can dump a significant amount of waste matter into the colon for elimination. The high prevalence of constipation I have encountered with most arthritis sufferers can make it quite difficult for the body to expel this excessive waste material from the colon through normal bowel action. Compounding that with the usually slow and often non-existent bowel activity during a fast and the resulting accumulation of too much fecal mater in the colon can overload the body with toxic waste that needs to be eliminated during a fast. 

The stomach, small intestines and colon are not as active during a period of fasting as they are under normal circumstances. Consequently, it only makes good sense to assist the fasting body with elimination of fecal waste matter from the colon for a short time during the fast. This is usually done by colonic irrigation at home or in the office of a Colon Therapist.

If you are fasting at home, you can take advantage of a colonic irrigation device, for residential use, known as a colenema or colema board. This will allow you to administer a colonic irrigation in your own home, at your leisure.

I know of many who have undergone a fast of extended length where there were no discernible bowel movements for days and sometimes weeks at a time. During a fast, the body – in its wisdom – partially shuts down the peristaltic activity of the colon. Since there is no detectable food or other solid substance in the alimentary tract, the body withdraws its attention from the colon and redirects its energies to those organs and systems most in need of vital blood and nerve force during the fast.  

The need for colonic irrigation in such cases should be obvious to anyone seriously seeking to rid the body of stagnant, toxic fecal waste as quickly as possible. If left in the colon too long, some of this waste matter can be absorbed through the bowel wall into blood and lymph vessels and interstitial fluid and be reabsorbed back into the body. This will serve only to work against the aim and purpose of an Arthritis Nature Cure effort. 

During the past 50 years – particularly in America, Europe, Canada, England and Australia – virtually every nature cure facility of any significance has utilized some form of colonic irrigation as part of their natural treatment of arthritis. During  60 years of sanitarium work, where he treated tens of thousands of arthritis sufferers and other patients for variousrheumatic disorders, Dr. Jensen observed that patients who utilized his colonic irrigation program, which he termed, “colema deep tissue cleansing,” generally had healthier outcomes than patients who opted only to fast. 

My goal is to assist each faster who prefers to follow my program while in the comfort of her own home, in having the ultimate nature cure experience. Having personally experienced and seen the lasting benefits of utilizing periodic colonic irrigations along with an intelligently engineered fast, I strongly recommend that if you want to experience a total cleansing from head to toe, you should consider having a colonic irrigation at some point during a prolonged fast

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