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Cause of Arthritis

Somewhere along the line, most arthritis sufferers fall into the fast food trap or simply neglect to feed their bodies the wholesome, organic foods required to maintain good health. Add to this their enervating, hectic lifestyles, so wrought with nervous tension and anxiety, and one can see how the onslaught of acid reflux and other rheumatic disorders develop and lead to a number of unfortunate biological changes in major systems, glands and organs.

Organic sodium – the untold story

The predictable outcome is that the body quickly uses up its organic sodium reserves to try and neutralize the excess acids creating such pathological havoc as acid reflux, arthritis and bursitis, throughout the body. Although we have found the prevalence of organic potassium to be an essential component in the task of acid neutralization, it is organic sodium that has the distinction of being the most utilitarian chemical element in the body’s efforts to reverse the so-called disease processes commonly referred to as arthritis, acid reflux, bursitis and other rheumatic ailments.

The stomach, joints and lymph are where the highest concentrations of organic sodium are found. When there is a lack of organic sodium in the blood and lymph streams it’s difficult to maintain the proper amount of hydrochloric acid normally produced by cells in the stomach wall. Although we need hydrochloric acid to break down certain food elements such as proteins and calcium, an over abundance will create an acid stomach environment. Organic sodium helps neutralize excess hydrochloric acid production.

When the demands for organic sodium increase due to stress, changes in lifestyle, lack of exercise, poor diet or the onset of acid reflux or some other sodium-deficient, rheumatic disorder, organic sodium will be leeched from the stomach wall and sent throughout the body, via the blood and lymph streams, to those areas where it’s needed to reduce acids. After a time the body senses it must seek organic sodium from a secondary source – the joints, lymph and interstitial fluids..

Ahhh yes, you say. You’re beginning to see the picture. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is the operative principle at work in the body at this stage of the game.

The unhappy path to tissue degeneration

As the demands for organic sodium continue to steadily increase, the body reaches a point where there is little if any organic sodium forthcoming from the joints. At this point the joints undergo destructive biological changes. This is when the general constitution of the synovial membrane, cartilage and bone integrity begin to degrade.

Many of our esteemed and quite brilliant colleagues at other facilities worldwide feel that adrenal exhaustion brought on by chronic stress is the major cause of rheumatic disorders such as arthritis. Their contention is that a tired body does not possess the necessary power to expel metabolic waste efficiently – particularly carbonic acid. This leads to an overly toxic condition known as toxemia where irritation, inflammation, catarrh and eventually the weakening of major tissue groups, such as glands and organs. In such an environment the body is prone to health impairment.

Our colleagues then point to the subsequent inability of the body to produce hormones such as cortisone, desoxycortisone and aldosterone, which in turn leads to widespread systemic imbalance and to degradation of essential biological functions. The result being greater susceptibility to further stress and subsequently a greater predisposition to developing arthritis.

Although we agree with this sage assessment of the preliminary stages preceding the development of acid reflux, arthritis or other rheumatic disorders, our own clinical investigations, which are supported by what I witnessed at Jensen’s clinic, indicates a lack of organic sodium to be the main factor responsible for the development of arthritis and other acid-related disorders. Stress, lack of adequate sleep, systemic toxicity, lack of exercise and other considerations are contributing factors, but poor diet heads the list. Our patients respond quicker to a diet high in organic sodium than to any other curative measure known. 

The importance of keeping our joints well-oiled

The first symptoms of, for example, rheumatoid arthritis developing can be an occasional dull or sharp pain in a joint that will usually increase in intensity and duration with each passing week. Then there is usually stiffness in the joint concurrent with pain. Subsequently many arthritis suffers will begin to experience painful swelling of the joint.

Many of these symptoms are a consequence of synovial fluid not being produced in sufficient quantities by the synovial membrane in the joint. Synovial fluid is to a joint what oil is to metal parts in an automobile engine. When you’re low in oil the engine starts developing too much friction from metal parts rubbing against each other. Eventually enough foreign matter can collect in the engine and the piston chambers can overheat, expand and lock up the engine. 

This is similar to what happens in your body when the male and female parts of a joint don’t have enough synovial fluid to allow proper lubrication and movement of the joint. Without sufficient quantities of synovial fluid to keep organic and inorganic minerals in solution, calcium in particular can begin to collect in the joint.

Depending on whether the person is developing rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis with its signature cartilage deterioration, will determine the path of tissue degeneration from that point. If bone fusion takes place due to calcium dropping out of lymphatic solution and then settling in the joints, this can mean life-altering confinement to bed or a wheelchair. Others more ‘fortunate,’ who have experienced minor joint disfigurement, are free to move about, to a greater or lesser extent, with great pain and suffering.

Biological treatment and nature cure to the rescue

This is usually the point when patients come to us for help. Depending on the case, we are often able to deliver sufficient biological care and treatment to a patient where there can often be a complete, natural reversal of the arthritic condition. If a client with arthritis adheres to our recommended program to the letter, the recovery can begin to take hold within two or three weeks after beginning our biological treatment program.

A complete recovery is possible within a few short months to a year provided a client is willing to adopt a much more biologically friendly lifestyle and continue to follow a wholesome food and beverage regimen after completing the initial fats and fast breaking programs. they leave our sanitarium or otherwise follow our recommendations. Many ‘cures’ seem to be permanent whereas other clients who stray away from our recommended maintenance program may require another visit to our facility to ‘get back on track.’

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