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The cafeteria/dining area is where the guests or fasters, who suffer from advanced conditions of arthritis and other forms of rheumatism, are served the raw fruit and vegetable juices, broths, herbal teas and healthy whole foods of their initial liquid diet and fast breaking dietary regimen.  

This is where the core elements of our treatment program are found - an initial ten day supervised raw juice, herbal tea and broth fast and at least a three day period for breaking the juice, tea and broth fast properly and safely. Following that period, we recommend a three-month rejuvenation and rebuilding program that each faster can pursue at home.

Over the years I have found this to be the safest and most rewarding fasting regimen for those who suffered from arthritis and other forms of rheumatism. Our goal is to ensure the fast or liquid diet will meet with its objectives:

  • Dissolve and remove toxic, morbid matter from the body.

  • Bring about the required biochemical balance.

  • Begin the process of cellular restructure and biological rejuvenation,
    which we call
    nature cure or natural cure.

Fasters may, on occasion, be encouraged to extend the initial fasting period for up to three weeks, depending on the severity of the sickness and the length of time a faster has been afflicted witharthritis. In advanced cases of arthritic affliction I recommend at least a two or three-week initial fast. 

I spend a lot of time with our Chef Barbara deciding the best food, herbal teas, broth, fruit and vegetable juices combinations to give to guests. This depends on each guest’s physical condition at the time they come to us for treatment for their arthritis. 

The way we determine a guest’s physical condition is to always conduct a preliminary screening of all guests prior to starting any guest on an herbal tea, broth or juice fast. This is a physically non-invasive set of questions designed to determine a guest’s overall state of health immediately prior to arrival.  

Either I or another trained person will perform the initial screening. We particularly look for the following:

  • Food allergies
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Physical condition
  • Energy level
  • Patterns of waste elimination
  • Prior experience with fasting and bowel irrigation
  • Attitude toward nature cure therapy
  • Overall physical/mental/emotional status at the time of screening
  • Prescribed medications previously ingested or currently being used
  • Other important health status indicators. 

Following the preliminary screening examination, a specific course of action is decided upon with regard to the fast, solid foods, arthritis pain relief measures and any recommended exercises, hydrotherapy and other treatments. 

Our standing policy is to never begin a guest on a fasting regimen unless we know beforehand the guest has what I determine to be the appropriate physical and mental constitution to undertake the fast. Although it has been proven conclusively that virtually any arthritis sufferer can undergo some type of fasting program with great benefit, there are many complications that can arise during or immediately following a prolonged fast of two or three weeks.

This is especially true when an arthritis sufferer has been taking cortisone or gold injections or any other medication for an extended period, where there may be actual or impending organic or systemic failure, particularly involving the liver and kidneys. Also, many arthritis sufferers must be careful about the types of liquids made available during a prolonged therapeutic fast such as we offer. The quality of the liquid diet is important.

If, for example, an arthritic guest with a steadily degenerating condition and weak constitution is immediately put on a prolonged fast, primarily consisting of water, this course of beginning treatment could trigger an adverse physiological reaction such as intense pain or unnecessary discomfort.  Such an onslaught could lead to a worsening of the original condition.  

The same holds true where a guest is not in the proper mental and emotional state to undergo the rigors of a prolonged fast. Such a condition can continue to release systemic acids and create ongoing tension throughout the body that can act to undermine the goal and intention of our nature cure program. The psychological atmosphere must be right in order for a guest to derive maximum benefit from what we offer.

Our nature cure program focuses on the use of herbal teas, broths, fruit and vegetable juices as the major ingredients of the fast. The fast is subsequently broken with light, organic foodstuff prepared by our Chef Barbara to ensure a smooth transition back to normal bodily functions.

This course of treatment allows the body to gently clean itself of toxic waste while simultaneously strengthening the entire organism more effectively in the shortest time as deemed by Nature to be best-suited for the patient's particular physical constitution. 

After first conferring with me, our Chef Barbara ensures that each guest gets the right combination of herbal teas, broths, raw fruit and vegetable juices to undertake a fast.  

She also designs the dietary menu for those fast-breaking days when each guest will be served healthy, whole, organic foods - 70% to 100% raw as a general rule of thumb, depending on the guest. 

Barbara will tell you about the healthy herbal teas, broths, juices and foods she prepares for each supervised fast and fast breaking days for all guests.  

 Barbara’s Healthy Meals

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