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Jorgen Bernard Jensen, DC, ND, PhD

Dr. Bernard Jensen was born March 25, 1908 to Eugene and Anna Jensen, in Stockton, California. His mother died at age 30 from tuberculosis. At the age of 18 his father, being a chiropractor, urged young Jensen to study the science of chiropractic, which he did.

Shortly after graduation from college, in Oakland, California, Jensen's health began to deteriorate. His physicians diagnosed his condition as bronchiectasis – an incurable disease.

A Seventh Day Adventist physician taught Jensen the principles of good nutrition and how to live a healthy, productive life. With the physician’s guidance, Jensen was able to regain his health and opened his first chiropractic practice in Oakland, California, in the year 1929.

His naturally curious nature led him to study many forms and modalities of health care delivery. He was most impressed by the results many were obtaining using natural methods. This prompted his famous world travels to far off lands to learn the secrets of long and healthy life from the oldest, healthiest people on the planet.

He discovered that the basic keys to a long and healthy life were not to be found in vitamin bottles or on the shelves of drug stores or pharmacies. What the old people taught him was that whole, natural foods, a peaceful disposition, daily exercise, sufficient rest and a constant desire to be of service to humanity were the foundation of any serious quest for living a long and healthy life.

Jensen went on to study with his greatest mentor, Dr. Victor Rocine, a Norwegian Homeopath, who taught him the “chemical story.” Rocine also instilled in  Jensen the need to actually live with chronic and degenerative patients for an appropriate length of time in order to best serve the needs of such patients.

Under Rocine’s tutelage and guidance, Jensen came to fully grasp and comprehend the need for constant interaction between patient and practitioner. He developed a nature cure philosophy based upon the principle that patients must take an active, willing part in any program of natural correction and rejuvenation – preferably in a relaxed, peaceful environment conducive to lasting recovery. This was the beginning of Jensen’s sanitarium practice.

Jensen opened his first nature cure sanitarium in San Leandro, California. It was a 25 bed facility. He went on to open others in Ben Lomond and Altadena, California. In 1955 he opened his most famous sanitarium at Hidden Valley, in Escondido, California. It was an 85 bed, sprawling operation that accommodated patients from around the world who suffered from arthritis, cancer, weight disorders and other chronic and degenerative diseases.

His astounding success with over 350,000 patients at his sanitariums, utilizing purely natural methodologies, gained much notoriety and fame for his work. He was honored by many societies, governments and institutions for his tremendous accomplishments in the field of natural health care delivery and clinical, nutritional research and for advancing the science and practice of Iridology.

Doctor Bernard Jensen, Doctor Jensen "Dr. Jensen receiving the Dag Hammarskjold Award for his Nature Cure clinic and sanitarium work from a representative of the Pax Mundi Society, Brussels, Belgium."

Dr. Jensen’s many distinguished awards included the following:

  • Doctor of the Year award, Portland, Oregon 1954.
  • Academy of Science medal for exceptional service to humanity, Paris, France 1971.
  • International Iridology Gold Medal award conferred by the World Congress of Scientific Medicine (Best doctor in the world award), San Remo, Italy 1973.
  • Service to Humanity award conferred by the International Naturopathic Association 1975.
  • Awarded the Cross of Saint John at a special ceremony in New York City.
  • Agnes Arber Distinguished Service award for his work and research with herbal medicine 1981.
  • Pioneer Doctor of the Year award conferred by the National Health Federation, Long Beach, California 1982.
  • Dag Hammarskjold award of the Pax Mundi Academy for his outstanding international contribution to the field of medical science, Brussels, Belgium. U.S. Ambassador, Charles Price, personally congratulated Dr. Jensen on the reception of this highly esteemed honor.

During an illustrious 60 year career as a world-renowned health advocate, lecturer and author, Jensen taught his unique and quite successful system of natural health management to medical doctors, nature cure practitioners and patients in 65 countries. He founded many schools and natural health centers and authored over 200 natural health care publications that are utilized by students and health care practitioners in many countries today.

His patients included Heads of State, physicians, Hollywood
celebrities, sports figures and ordinary folk from every walk of life. He counted among his personal friends His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama, Krishnamurti, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, many prominent traditional and non-traditional health practitioners and the many ranch hands who were so instrumental in helping to provide the very special services and serene atmosphere at Hidden Valley Health Ranch.

He was a friend to all who knocked on his door seeking the healing influence of nature.  Jensen was, arguably, the greatest international influence in the field of nature sure science and practice to emerge from the twentieth century.

He passed away peacefully February 22, 2001, in Escondido, California, surrounded by a small group of friends and family. He was 92.


Paul Harris, BS, CN, CI
Certified Nutritionist
Principal, Harris Superior Health System, LLC

Paul Harris, the founder of, and, is a health writer, nutritionist, alternative medicine practitioner and consultant in the field of comprehensive health care services delivery and patient management.

In the year 1984, he began studying the doctrine of right living and natural, biological treatment for disease, under the instruction of former Nobel Peace Prize candidate and world renowned natural health care lecturer, author and practitioner, Bernard Jensen, ND, DC, PhD, of Escondido, California.

The health-restorative techniques Paul teaches  were largely inspired by Jensen.

Other Practitioners and medical writers who were influential in his thinking were Are Waerland, Paavo Airola, Sylvester Graham, Dr. Russell Tral, Ann Wigmore, Dr. Susanna Dodds, John Kellogg, Dr. John Tilden, Dr. Victor Rocine, Sir Robert McCarrison M.D., Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane MD, Father Sebastian Kneipp, Henry Lindlahr, M.D., Bernar McFadden, Dr. John Christopher and Dr. Norman Walker.

From the pages of antiquity Paul studied the ancient but still relevant teachings regarding natural, healthy living of Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Hippocrates - the Father of Western Medicine - and many health practitioners of various countries.

He spent twenty-one years as a consultant to medical groups and hospital management. He placed allopathic and osteopathic medical doctors in hospital-based and stand alone medical practices. It was during this time that he gained a clear understanding of the often hidden forces and mindsets that permeate our nation’s health care industry. 

During the years 2003 through 2005, he served as CEO of a 501-C3, non-profit Primary Care medical group. The group was founded with the intention of offering alternative medicine health care services, along with the most relevant, non-invasive, traditional, primary care therapies, to anyone seeking health care services from the group.

Paul consults with patients worldwide by telephone and email. He's a published author who writes articles, books and ecourses for the benefit of anyone interested in whole being wellness and other areas of human potential maximization.

He believes that altruistic service to one’s fellows is the greatest offering anyone can make to the human family. He enjoys helping people find and unfold their unique potential through focused, deliberate and healthy living.

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