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How can arthritics have healthy outcomes?

Arthritis natural cure - or arthritis nature cure, as many old timers like to say Ė is a term that is widely used today, but, I dare say, with so little understanding of what it implies, behind the scenes.

From my experience, not one arthritic in a thousand (all of whom may be well-read on the subject) really understands what the term arthritis natural cure means. This general lack of understanding about the underlying healing mechanism involved with an arthritis natural cure protocol may be the primary reason so many arthritics, who attempt such a natural regimen, quickly abort when things donít go as planned.

One of the first questions I get from arthritics interested in our natural protocol, and contacting us through our website, goes something like this; ďhow long will I have to stay on the program and when can I expect to see results?Ē This is a reasonable query but one I can rarely answer with confidence. In the past, Iíve often been able to predict a certain health outcome for a patient and the approximate time involved. But that was when I saw patients in clinic.

Variances in genetic makeup, inherent weaknesses, general state of health, dietary inclinations, psychological and emotional makeup, lifestyle considerations, exercise and sleep patterns, etc., all affect how a certain person will respond to a given arthritis natural cure protocol. When an arthritic doesnít understand the underlying mechanism which fuels and powers the natural healing process, inevitably that person will not have the necessary attitude, mindset or patience necessary to make it through an arthritis natural cure regimen.

Let me tell you the 3 things that have helped my patients and readers over the years to deal with arthritis in its many ugly forms:

  1. Becoming educated about the natural healing process and how the body works, in general. 

  2. Staying focused, consistent and on target with one arthritis natural cure technique at a time Ė for at least 4 or 5 months a shot.

  3. Being patient.

Those are what Iíve found to be the key components in any successful arthritis natural cure regimen. Why did I mention a time frame of at least 4 or 5 months? Well, think about it; 4 or 5 months are about how long it takes for your body to replenish your red blood cells. You learned that in basic biology. Right?

You wouldnít expect old, worn out blood cells to be capable of efficiently carrying out the same biological functions as healthy new blood cells, would you? Of course not.

Thatís why before you go out and buy a handful of pain inhibitors and acid reducers, you need to have a good understanding of how your body functions during what we have come to call disease states. This will take a few minutes to explain so please bear with me.

The electromagnetic blueprint Ė your bodyís physical energy field

Your body has, what I call, an electromagnetic blueprint (EB) Ė a physical energy field. Itís the actual part of you that ensures good nerve force, good blood flow, the proper functioning of all cells, organs, muscles, glands Ė you get the picture. Youíre born with this electromagnetic blueprint and it remains with you all throughout your life.

Some experts in the field call it the health aura. The EB has been photographed by a number of authorities using a method known as Kirlean photography. This physical energy field permeates every cell of your physical body and can extend anywhere from a few inches to as much as a foot beyond your physical body.

When you are enjoying good health and wellness, itís primarily due to the proper functioning of this physical energy field. The EB is responsible for throwing off certain waste products through your pores and the sheer power of its outward moving force helps keep harmful micro-organisms from entering the body through the skin.

When the EB weakens and begins to falter in function Ė usually due to lack of adequate rest, poor diet, lack of exercise and poor bodily hygiene Ė your body will respond with a degradation of efficiency equal to the exact rate at which the EB is failing. The weaker your physical energy field becomes, the greater the loss of nerve force and biological functional efficiency.

This is not hocus-pocus. Many of our brightest physicists and medical doctors have recognized the existence and relevance of the EB.

The beginning of arthritis and other symptom complexes

If this condition is not corrected, depending on your physiology and genetic disposition, your body may begin to develop such symptom complexes as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, acid reflux or other serious physiological ailments. At this point metabolic function is compromised and your body will have great difficulty in removing waste material.

Conversely, it will be severely hampered in its efforts to absorb, digest and assimilate nutrients. Meanwhile, your physical energy field continues to thin out and grow weaker by the day.

I once read where a gentleman blessed with particularly acute visual sensitivity observed that the health aura of a person born and raised in natural surroundings tended to be thick and forceful. Whereas the EB of common city dwellers seemed attenuated, thin and weak. Further research revealed that a strong physical energy field equates to a strong and healthy body. A weak field inevitably denotes a weak, physically compromised body.

 Arthritis natural cure to the rescue

  Iím sharing this with you to point out that:

  • Your physical body works closely with the EB to maintain health.

  • When you are ill, the previously built-in 'memory' (from birth) of how to rebuild healthy tissue and regain efficient function.of each physical cell is activated.

  • Nature created your EB to ensure the healthy and efficient functioning of your physical body.

Herbs, food supplements, health shakes and protein bars can all be good things, depending on your physiology and nutritional needs. But these are all Ďgadgetsí to tweak your body into better performance. They have no magical, health-restorative powers within themselves.

The real healing and rejuvenating power in your body doesnít lie within physical tissue or with gadgets. It's the energizing force of your physical energy field that allows nature to heal you from a higher sphere. All that is required of you is that you learn something about her unchanging laws of whole being health and wellness and learn to cooperate with nature as she unleashes your EBís inherent healing forces.

When all of the physical, emotional and psychological elements of a healthy life are in place, natureís higher healing principle will make itself known to every fiber of your being. It just so happens that all of the elements of a healthy lifestyle are good for the mind, emotions, physical body and for the EB as well. If you cooperate with nature in the healing process it should all work out in the end for you. 

What do I recommend as the ideal arthritis natural cure protocol to follow? Actually none. Donít get me wrong. Iím not trying to be a wise guy or evasive. I canít recommend any that would be ideal for you because this is something you need to determine for yourself.

All of the arthritis natural cure programs youíll ever hear about Ė including mine Ė have all been, and will always be, scripted by the hands of men and women who are not standing in your shoes. They canít feel your pain or know about the distress you experience when you periodically begin to feel your situation is desperate and perhaps hopeless. But still you want to know, from me, what to do about your arthritis NOW!

Where can you find a reliable arthritis natural cure program?

What would I do if I were in your shoes? My homework! Iíd visit websites like this one and read the written works of some of the old nature curists who didnít have access to all of the drugs and advanced therapies so prevalent today. They truly had to rely on nature to bring about arthritis natural cures for their arthritic patients. Iíd also talk with other people who were successful in overcoming their arthritic afflictions using biologically-friendly, natural therapies. If you don't have the time or inclination to do all of that research, you can certainly give my arthritis reversal and recovery program a spin.

My personal arthritis natural cure program

The regimen that I am recommending to you and that I personally have found to be effective in keeping my own arthritis at bay is the following:

  • Occasional juice, water and broth fasting

  • Plenty of rest

  • Daily exercise if possible

  • Nutritious daily meals Ė 70% raw; 80% alkaline

  • Naturally derived, high impact food supplements and health cocktails

  • Hot and cold water therapy

  • Good bodily hygiene

  • Positive mindset-psychological repositioning

You donít have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to arthritis natural cure techniques. Go with what feels good and natural for you. Educate yourself on what may have a good chance of working for you. And remember; only nature (through your EB) can heal and cure you of anything. But she needs the right opportunity to do it.

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