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Thanks for taking time to visit the Arthritis Nature Cure Lounge to hear what I have to share with you about how you can naturally and effectively obtain long-lasting and often permanent arthritis pain relief and bring an end to the needless suffering, naturally and permanently. 

To answer any questions you may have about my background, take a look in the bookshelf  Paul Harris.    

Sitting right next to my bio - on the same shelf - youíll see a background sketch of the late, world-renowned natural health care author, physician, teacher and lecturer; Jorgen Bernard Jensen DC, ND, PhD.  It wonít take more then a few brief minutes to scan through both of our bios. I trust our short but concise biographical sketches will assure you that youíre in good and capable hands.   

The Harris Superior Health System specializes in employing the most successful arthritis pain relief therapies and nature cure techniques and methodologies that Dr. Jensen once offered to patients in over 60 years of sanitarium work. During that time I spent eleven years as a student of and periodic personal assistant to Jensen. 

The Arthritis Nature Cure Center is a tribute to his pioneering life work and tremendous achievements in the field of arthritis nature cure research and direct patient care.   

As startling as they may seem, I can prove to you, convincingly, that the following amazing claims once uttered by Jensen are absolutely true: 

  • Fact #1.  The traditional medical establishment is RIGHT when they tell you no doctor or anyone else can CURE Arthritis or any form of Rheumatism - only NATURE can CURE disease.
  • Fact #2.  There is NO SINGLE drug, vitamin or herb that by itself can permanently REVERSE the excruciating pain, discomfort and disfigurement of arthritis.
  • Fact #3Arthritis is NOT caused by a bad gene or rogue strain of bacteria, virus or any other microorganism.
  • Fact #4.  Plain and simple, arthritis is primarily caused by a LACK OF ORGANIC SODIUM - not the table salt variety, but the food grade type only found in whole, natural foods.
  • Fact #5.  To be cured of arthritis you must give nature the opportunity to correct the ACID CONDITION and remove TOXIC WASTE settlements in the body that greatly contributed to the development of arthritis.


As you tour this website Iíll share with you the best-kept secrets of how Jensen helped thousands of arthritis sufferers permanently overcome this dreaded disease NATURALLY!  

The blind leading the blind 

The modern day fad, with regard to the treatment of arthritis, is to treat and temporarily eliminate the most common symptom of this crippling disease Ė the terrible pain and constant discomfort. On the surface this may seem to be an effective strategy. However, the important question to ask is whether or not this type of symptomatic treatment is really benefiting the arthritis sufferer in any meaningful way? I dare to say NO! 

Iím sure youíll agree it makes little sense to continually concern oneself with pain elimination if no attempt is made to correct the underlying problem which perpetually creates the biological condition that gives daily, constant rise to the pain. This is just as true with arthritis, rheumatism, gout or acid reflux as it is with a fractured ankle. 

A better approach 

I had one purpose in mind when I founded the Harris Superior Health System and the online Arthritis Nature Cure Center.  I wanted to show anyone suffering from arthritis, or other rheumatic ailments, how to first get rid of the terrible pain of arthritis and then find out what it takes to bring about a natural healing of this dreaded disorder.  

The nature cure techniques presented at this website - including a fasting program, organic meals menu, deep tissue cleansing and self healing visualization - are all particularly relevant and highly effective for any arthritis sufferer who wants to reverse this disease state. 

The message here is simple: 

  • You CAN get rid of the pain of arthritis.
  • You can PERMANENTLY REVERSE the systemic conditions that brought on your arthritic condition, within weeks.
  • Many people who have suffered from the pain and anguish of crippling arthritiis and other ailments associated with rheumatism have reversed these ailments by NATURAL methods.
  • I am uniquely qualified to explain and show how this can be done by you.

If Iíve peaked your interest Iíd like to immediately continue with our facility tour. Please try to not get ahead of me. The tour is set up in such a way where one room sort of flows into the next.  

Our next stop will be the Cafeteria where youíll learn about our recommended fasting and dietary regimens to reverse arthritic disease states. 

From there weíll speak with our Chef Barbara who will explain the wholesome ingredients that go into Barbaraís Healthy Meals. Sheíll tell you about the scrumptiously delicious, Healthy Organic Meals she recommends and prepares for periodic guests at our facility. Barbaraís Fasting Menu will outline her intelligently engineered combinations of cleansing herbal teas, broths and raw juices she prepares for each guest.  

The Cafeteria is also where youíll find out about our powerful tissue cleansing method that can bring on a Healing Crisis - which is natureís special way of bringing about the natural healing of disease. Youíll have a chance to see, up close, how nature takes the body back through the disease reversal process and restores good health by way of the Healing Crisis

Then Iíll take you to The Garden where youíll learn about the health and happiness secrets of Healthy Old People - the worldís oldest living people. Weíll also take a good look at the real Cause Of Arthritis and the specific methods we use to reverse arthritis. 

In The Garden Iíll describe our Self Healing Visualization sessions and the amazing results arthritis sufferers can expect when this powerful technique is combined with our tissue cleansing and cellular rebuilding program. 

During the course of our treatment program many have experienced significant and often permanent relief from many other disorders. In The Garden we will discuss how our program can help you with any other health issues you may have.

When we leave The Garden weíll go and hear Javierís incredible story. Itís an amazing but true story about cellular rejuvenation and how a man given up by his traditional Doctors to be a hopeless arthritic cripple was able to restore full use of his body by completely natural methods and sheer determination. Youíll hear about the exact mechanism nature employs to bring about a favorable condition for a sick body to heal.  

After you hear Javierís incredible story weíll visit our Colonic Irrigation Treatment area where weíll briefly discuss the many biological benefits that anyone can enjoy when they undergo these deep tissue cleansing sessions. 

Iíve included a couple of instructive Arthritis Case Histories that should peak your interest.

Letís begin our facility tour with the Cafeteria. If you donít mind, walk through that door just ahead of you and see whatís happening in the Cafeteria

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