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 For an insightful and often humorous behind-the-scenes
look at what went on from day to day at Jensen's Hidden
Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, California, this
book is an enjoyable companion to Nature's
Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure.

Superior Health
Doctor Bernard Jensen’s Way


225 pages
Easy and enjoyable reading
No medical or legal mumbo jumbo
Available at this website as a PDF e-book
Also available online at or as a trade paperback

This is an eye witness account of what went on behind the scenes at an almost magical place that once boasted the best nature cure facility in the world – Hidden Valley Health Ranch of Escondido, California.

It is also about world-renowned health lecturer, author and practitioner, Dr. Bernard Jensen, and the potent doctrine he proclaimed concerning what it takes to live a good, clean, productive life of service, according to natural, biological and spiritual laws.

Superior Health Doctor Bernard Jensen’s Way is peppered with humorous, real-life anecdotes and scenarios that can really help you get a firm grip on your health and your life

  • Ever wonder how the world’s oldest and healthiest people got to be that way and how you can learn these secrets to health and long life?
  • How about a three-week rejuvenation program you can do at home to naturally skim off those extra pounds and restore much of your youthful vigor and appearance?
  • Natural immunization against colds, influenza or other infectious diseases.
  • Five things you must do when you’re sick and can’t see a doctor.
  • How to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate every cell in your body quickly and completely.
  • A simple plan that can clean up our embarrassing national health care mess.
  • Why the classic Hippocratic Oath means so little to our doctors today.
  • How to fight back and not be a victim of our poor health care system.
  • How to keep going mentally, emotionally and physically even when tough times set you back.
  • Powerful legacy of the best health care advocate in modern times.
  • The one and only cause of all organic disease.
  • The one and only organic disease you can ever have.

Superior Health Doctor Bernard Jensen’s Way is a tool you can’t do without to keep healthy, educated and confident in your ability to defeat any threat to your health and well being.

Did you know?…

  • The number one killer of Americans is not heart disease…. it’s a lack of knowledge about proper preventive and corrective health measures that can lower your susceptibility to heart disease, cancer and other symptom complexes of the one disease state.
  • The longer you wait to learn about and successfully implement an intelligent, daily strategy to ensure your good health and longevity, the greater are your chances of developing a life-threatening disorder that not even Nature can ‘cure’.

Here is a sampling of what you will find inside the pages of “Superior Health Doctor Bernard Jensen’s Way”….

Book excerpt - back cover

At Hidden Valley Health Ranch Patients
Learned how to be Healthy and Happy

Arthritics, diabetics, cancer patients - you name it. They came from around the world to experience the healing influence of Hidden Valley Health Ranch. The natural ‘cures’ which took place there for celebrities and laymen alike, were legendary. So spectacular was the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen, founder and Director of ‘the ranch,’ that a well-known English osteopath once remarked that Dr. Jensen obtained better results with Patients than any other Practitioner in the world!

At Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, California, Patients discovered a new and healthier way of living.  Dr. Jensen taught that once you began to live by simple, natural law you could enjoy good health and a greater sense of happiness and well being.

Dr. Jensen was considered by many to have been the most influential force behind the international Nature Cure movement of the twentieth century. He once made the following startling statement:

“Only nature can cure disease. The only thing any doctor can cure is a ham. Nature can cure and heal the body of disease but she needs the right opportunity.”

Many of his contemporaries claimed this was a bold and dangerous posture to assume during a McCarthy-like era of turbulence and distrust in the field of health care delivery. Never the less, Dr. Jensen had a singular vision of Humanity free of physiological disease and psychological encumbrances. Throughout his long career he maintained that to end disease one must get rid of its cause - enervation and the subsequent buildup of toxic waste in the body.

But who was Dr. Jensen? What were the real man and his fabled health sanitarium like behind all of the media hoopla, rumors and innuendo?

Paul Harris, a former student of, and personal assistant to, Dr. Jensen, invites you along on a memorable journey to Hidden Valley Health Ranch - once acknowledged as the Mecca for Nature Cure aspirants worldwide. Come walk the grounds of “the ranch” as the Author takes you on a behind-the-scenes visit to Hippocrates Circle, the House of the Seventh Happiness and Dr. Jensen’s inner sanctum - his personal Nature Cure study and manuscript room.

You will enjoy the humorous and entertaining atmosphere that typically permeated Dr. Jensen’s Iridology and Nutritional science workshops as he explained and demonstrated his philosophy of Nature Cure therapeutics to students and physicians from around the world.

Hidden Valley Health Ranch was a special healing place that rightly deserves to be remembered and cherished as a worthwhile piece of American folklore and history.

If good health and sustainable well being are in your sights, this book is must reading for you!

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