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"Are You Open To Discovering A Unique
And Powerful Technique To Naturally
Cure Arthritis That Really Works?"



Dear friend:

I'll bet you want to know the real story behind the scenes. How can I back up the claims made in the video you just viewed...right?

Well, I have 3 very good reasons why you should seriously consider this important, life-changing information I am about to share with you concerning a powerful, time-tested technique to arrest, reverse and permanently recover from arthritis:

         It's totally safe!
         Easy to understand and follow!
         Guaranteed to work!

If you suffer from any form of arthritis and are tired of listening to fairy tales and hot tips from people you personally know or whose counsel you have come to believe in - however well meaning - who happened to hear about an obscure pain relieving herb, secret therapy or a new and promising super drug earmarked to cure every conceivable rheumatic ailment, including your type of arthritisÖif youíre really tired of all that and want to put an end to it, then I have terrific news for you!

"I can show you a way out of your frustration and
agonizing pain that has
stood the test of time!"

My strong belief is that when a degenerative illness as serious as arthritis comes banging on your door and rattling your windows, itís time for you to get a straight forward, effective and responsible solution to your problem.

What is Your REAL Problem?

Let me take a guess, because I've been in your shoes. As strange as this may sound, it may not be your arthritis.  

"Your REAL problem could be the misinformation that may be
cluttering your mind
about your illness and not allowing you
to see straight or think clearly about your situation or your
realistic options.

I honestly feel your pain and know your frustration having once suffered for many years from the stinging lash of rheumatoid arthritis. I know what itís like to take a prescribed wonder drug in the

morning, barely make it through the day with the pain and discomfort, and then take another dose the next day only to discover it didnít work the second day like it did the first day or it didn't work at all!

I also know the rejection and depression you feel when you canít participate in social outings or recreational sports with friends and family because your knees and hips are bad or your finger joints are swollen or you're developing cataracts.   

Yep, I know all about it. But I also know the exuberant, lasting joy of finding and going through a natural treatment and reversal program that actually worked. It was a program Ė a protocol Ė that delivered on what it was advertised to do and gave me a natural, lasting reversal of, and recovery from, a painful bout with arthritis.

And, more importantÖI can walk you, hand-in-hand, through that same program and help you reverse and recover from your arthritis Ė safely, intelligently and responsibly!    

 Why should You Listen to
Me or Trust Me?

Because I know how to help you regain control of your health and your life! But who am I to make such a claim? Iím Paul Harris; a certified nutritionist, natural health author and complimentary alternative medicine practitioner. In 1985 I was compelled to go through Dr. Bernard Jensenís world-renowned and proven biologically compatible arthritis natural cure protocol in Escondido, California.

Under Jensen's direction, I pursued his program in the comfort of my home and emerged from the ordeal pain-free and without any trace of arthritis. And it hasnít returned to this day.  

How can I Help You get rid of Arthritis
when Others have Failed?

Because I KNOW it works! What I offer is basically the SAME PROTOCOL I learned from Jensen. It's similar to what patients have received from me in clinic and formerly at my arthritis reversal nature cure retreat, in southwest Colorado.

Iíve made a few minor and necessary enhancements to the dietary component to include recent nutritional findings that I felt would add greater relevance and effectiveness to the protocol. 

During my 12-week ecourse you will discover a healthy and proven way to quickly arrest and correct the underlying physical and psychological conditions that gave birth to your particular type of arthritis. Subsequently, you will begin to correct these conditions and commence the process of reversing and uprooting the troubling symptoms of your ailment.   

"Dear Paul. Since I have known you and followed your teachings on how to eat better for a longer life I have never felt better. I had been feeling tired, bloated, aching with all kinds of pain. I was talking to my daughter one day about how I feel and she told me about you She said you were a walking encyclopedia on health matters. I told you about my problems. As you recall, you started me on fresh vegetable juices and fresh vegetable salads for ten days. I looked in the mirror and saw that things like the juices and vegetables were making a difference. Around the seventh day my family was telling me that I looked good. I am very happy to know that someone like you will take the time to work with someone who needed help. Your teaching has taught me a new way of eating. I feel better, see better, sleep better and have lost 15 pounds in 3 months. I do not crave the no-no foods anymore. There are so many good foods to eat. I do not drink coffee. You have a magic drink that I take in the morning. One of the best things that came out of the program is that I do not crave sweets and starches anymore. I have learned to eat better and I am enjoying my new life. My husband has also started to eat healthier. I owe my new lifestyle to you Mister Paul Harris and all that I can say is I thank youĒ.

Emily Alfone, Georgia (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

Key Components of the Protocol

  • Short Therapeutic Fast, also referred to as a Liquid Diet:  Required Ė As difficult as this may be for you to hear, this is something you absolutely MUST do to have ANY chance to permanently reverse your arthritic condition. The scientific basis for this has been established over hundreds of years by the world's great health restoration spas, clinics and retreats. At the beginning of the protocol I will clearly explain why this is so. Therapeutic fasting with various vegetable and fruit juices, purified water and vegetable broth has been clinically proven to be the single best way to jumpstart any serious effort to naturally reverse and recover from arthritis. Itís also the best way to ensure that a desired Healing Crisis will take place at some point during the entire protocol. I will instruct you on which juices, broth, herbal teas and tonics to use and explain why I favor them for this program.
  • Transitional Diet:  Required Ė This will help replenish minerals and other nutrient deficiencies in your body and help restore vitality immediately after the fast. You can use this menu as a basic dietary regimen to use for the rest of your life.

  • Gentle massage: Optional - Daily gentle massage, even self-administered, of the affected areas and to the surrounding tissues is advisable.

  • Recommended clothing and footwear: Optional -  Loose-fitting, natural fiber clothing and appropriate footwear during and after the protocol.

  • Daily exercise routine: Optional - Light walking, swimming, bicycling, deep breathing, stretching or Tai Chi are advisable if your condition will allow such activity without distress. Muscle group tensing and relaxation, without moving any joints and while your body is prone or standing erect, is good for muscle tone and to help blood circulation.
  • Water therapy: Optional - Light joint rotation of affected areas while submerged in a sink, pool, Jacuzzi, shower or bathtub.  These treatments will help increase your blood circulation, keep mineral and inorganic substances moving freely through and around joints and promote toxin release throughout your entire body. 
  • Affirmations: Optional - These serve to help strengthen resolve, courage and the perseverance to successfully complete this course. These can also help improve your self-image. 
  • Daily Health Restoration Worksheets: Optional - Submit these worksheets for me to review each week by email. I will quickly respond back to you with answers to your questions.  These will help keep you on track and focused on achieving your ultimate goal of reversing and completely overcoming arthritis in any of its forms.
  • Arthritis Reversal Flash Cards: Optional - Flash cards have been proven to be powerful suggestive aids in helping to reverse and recover from serious health issues such as arthritis. 
  • Health Promoting Recipes: Optional - 30 pages of  delicious and nutritious foods and beverages that will help your body replenish its nutrient reserves and restore biochemical balance.

What is a Therapeutic Fast and how
can It Help You Beat Arthritis?

Fasting is the absence of any solid food entering the body for a calculated period of time. It is a rest from the entire food consumption, digestion and assimilation function. A therapeutic fast implies a supervised fast that is intended to produce or bring about certain desired, corrective results. 

When you fast you allow your bodyís digestive system to rest, rejuvenate and rebuild.  Blood and vital force normally allotted to the digestive organs when food is eaten can be redirected to those sections of the body that need to be repaired or entirely rebuilt with fresh tissue. Fasting is the only known natural mechanism that will allow this to happen. (Yes, I'm aware that many exotic plant concoctions have been heralded as modern day arthritis cure alls. These agents of nature may speed up the body's healing mechanism. However, they DO NOT address the necessary process of Autolysis that brings about a Healing Crisis to ensure a permanent cure. I'll explain more about that momentarily).

Fasting is as natural an activity as breathing or sleeping. It is the best-known natural method for cleaning and rebuilding the entire human organism. Fasting is also one of the least understood corrective health measures known. Throughout recorded history, it has often been clouded in mystery and misunderstanding.  

What Happens Inside Your
Body during a Fast?

Think about it. If you had a car that wasnít running well due to a lot of oil sludge buildup, what would you do? Clean it out, of course. The same principle applies to your body. In order to begin the process of regenerating your body you must first clean out old mucus settlements, metal and mineral deposits, morbid cellular waste, excess carbonic and uric acids and harmful bacteria. A therapeutic fast is the mechanism best suited to accomplish this.  

The first thing you want to do is stimulate your body into burning up excess, toxic material often held in the body by hardened catarrhal (mucus) settlements. After the third or fourth day of the fast your body can begin to dispose of this toxic material.  

Autolysis: the Magical Cleansing
Power of Nature

What I'm about to tell you is indispensible to your natural recovery and why you MUST undergo a fast or liquid diet to begin the process of disease reversal. The technical term for this process is Autolysis.

What this means, in laymanís terms, is that, at a certain point of the fast your body will begin breaking down and melting old and hardened mucus and other storages of toxic waste material as it seeks out sources of food so that your body cells can continue to feed.

Each cell of your body - particularly your central nervous system, brain and heart muscle - must be supplied with a steady source of nutriment even though you are not physically feeding your body externally in any way.  

Autolysis usually kicks in at about the third or fourth day of a therapeutic fast. This is the point where your body realizes itís not being fed from any external source and so it starts scavenging for any available food it can find stored in your body.

It will look for nutriment in the blood, lymph, intercellular fluid between your cells, within the cells, organs, glands, muscles, fatty tissue, inside tumors, cysts and other growths and wherever else it may find a source of available food.  

This accounts for the quickness with which many arthritics are able to once again use their joints without excessive pain or discomfort shortly after undergoing a therapeutic fast. The hardened organic and inorganic settlement in an arthritic joint is often softened and reabsorbed back into the blood, lymph or intercellular fluid during the process of autolysis.

What your blood, lymph and intercellular fluid can absorb and direct to your liver via the bloodstream is subsequently used to feed your fasting body. Whatever cannot be utilized is expelled through the usual channels of bodily waste elimination.  

The Healing Crisis 

At some point during the protocol, if youíve been following it pretty much to the letter, you should experience what is known as a Healing Crisis.   

A Healing Crisis is the expected and desired outcome of completing a well-conceived liquid diet and an initial cleansing effort. It is the first serious step your body will take to arrest and reverse arthritis.

I cover this entire process in depth during the protocol to ensure that if you experience any unexpected surprises you will know exactly how to deal with them. You will be given a crash course in how you can utilize Healing Crises to your body's greatest advantage.

This is the one experience or event toward which every responsible and competent practitioner should initially guide an arthritic patient. It's certainly one of my goals for you during the protocol.

"Once you begin the natural disease reversal process of a Healing
Crisis everything else is pretty much downhill from there!"

Delicious and Healthy Recipes to Enjoy
after the Therapeutic Fast

After you successfully complete the therapeutic fast and the fast breaking period you will begin eating again Ė hopefully nutritious meals. This is where you will need to assist your body with the important work of rebuilding distressed organs, glands and systems.  

One of the best ways to introduce essential biochemical elements into the body is in a liquid or semi-liquid form. Liquefied nutrients are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and offer the least degree of stress on the digestive organs. Raw fruit (sub-acid) and vegetable juices, nut and seed milks, mineral cocktails, mineral tonics, herbal teas, broths and soups are excellent mediums for carrying essential nutrients into the body.  

In this section of the protocol you will find a number of healthy liquid and semi-liquid food items and beverages that I developed over the years Ė many of which are based on recipes I learned during the 11 years I spent studying with Jensen at his Hidden Valley Health Ranch and sanitarium in Escondido, California. 

"I will walk with you through the entire protocol and do my best to
address any periodic concerns or questions you may have."

Special Bonus!!

What You Should Know About
Food And Your Body

This is a comprehensive and power-packed refresher course in nutrition and human physiology. I'll show you exactly how your body works and how food is utilized at the cellular level for heat, energy and tissue construction and repair.Food and your body

It doesnít matter if you think you know it all or if youíre a newbie to this information. I guarantee you can learn something of value here. This is meant to be read before or while you are fasting. When you finish the fast youíll know exactly why I recommend the foods and nutrients youíll need during the 10-Week Transitional Diet.

If youíve ever wanted straight and simple answers to your questions about nutrition and human physiology, this is where youíll find them!

Hereís a sneak preview of what youíll find inside:  

  • Food Composition and Utilization Guide Ė Discover which foods carry minerals essential for optimum health, the best way to consume these foods and the body systems that benefit most.

  • Vitamin Properties and Utilization Guide Ė Hereís a handy guide to vitamins, their functions in your body, the good they can do for you and where to find them in your foods.

  • Biochemical Elements Properties and Utilization Guide Ė Find out about the general characteristics of the 16 predominant minerals, the amazing work they do in your body, signs of deficiency or excess of each mineral and whole food sources for each mineral.
  • Trace Elements Beneficial to Your Health Ė Learn how a handful of important trace minerals work hand-in-hand with minerals, vitamins and enzymes to beneficially influence proper functioning of your body.
  • Functions of the Body Systems and Their Nutritional Requirements Ė Learn about each system and its exact structure and function. Youíll discover the best foods, super foods, beverages, herbs and food supplements you need for each system to help you regain and sustain a deeply satisfying measure of health and wellness.

  • Understanding pH Readings Ė Do you know what it means to have an acid body? If not, Iíll explain what pH readings are, in simple language, and show you sample ranges of 10 important body fluids and semi-solids that all contribute to the acid/alkaline condition of your body as a whole.  Get educated about this. Itís important stuff for you to know.

  • Time Reference for Food Digestion Ė Amaze friends and family with your expert knowledge of how the digestive process works and the time-frame involved for different foods to enter and exit the stomach. You will thank me and throw alms at my feet (hope youíre smiling now) for including this section in the Special Report.

Never again will you be dumbfounded when someone asks you a question about your body, how it works or about nutrients and the way your body uses them. This special report will get you up to speed FAST!

What is my Fee for the Protocol?

What I am charging for the 12-week protocol is much less than what it is worth in the real world. In fact, it is much less than I would charge you for a first office consultation:.. 


This is a Limited Offer! Will I raise the price on the protocol in the near future? Probably, but only time will tell.  I am reserving the right to withdraw this offer without notice.

If you feel what I offer can help you, then get the course today while it is at an excellent price. Arthritis doesn't simply disappear on its own. You need a smart and effective game plan to help remove it from your life for good.

There are Three Things I can Tell
You with Absolute Assurance

  1. You could pay thousands of dollars to gain access to this type of instruction which is usually only available at world-class health restoration spas such as Brandals or Vita Nova. Even Jensen's modestly priced, hugely successful arthritis reversal program was almost $1,000.00 for a one-week stay at his sanitarium. Frankly, what I'm offering is priced right for even the leanest budget. I'm making it accessible to anyone who needs my expertise and personal guidance.

  2. I truly expect you to benefit from this protocol!

  3. Yes, I do know what I'm talking about!

If You're Up to the Challenge
Let's get Going with Turning
Your Life Around Today!

ďHello Paul. The main thing I have to say is the great concern you have for people, how you take so much of your time to give to others. From the first time I heard of you I was so filled with joy to find someone concerned with others, so I said I must do this because I felt it was my last chance to get it together. So I took the program and ran with it. I am 74 and feel younger than when I was a young girl because I was very sickly most of my life. I always didnít feel good, but since I started the program I feel sooooooo good now. When anyone asks me how I am I say Greaaaaaaaat. Thank God for you Paul and long life so you can continue your great work. Peace and love to you.  By the way I thought you should know I no longer have any arthritic aches and pains since I have been on your program."

Jane Braxton, Georgia (Rheumatoid Arthritis/Diabetes)





Before You Place Your Order for
the Protocol I Want to Share
an Idea with You...

The following PREMIUM PACKAGE offer is mentioned in the event you
feel it will be difficult to complete the protocol without more direct assistance from me.


If you are comfortable with the Basic Package protocol as it is offered, ignore the Premium Package and scroll to the bottom of this page and order just the 165-page protocol ebook and the bonus; "What You Should Know About Food And Your Body."


Premium Package


Are You in too much Pain or
too Tired and Depressed to
do Everything in the
Protocol Yourself?


Do you suspect you need an effective health evaluation to find out about whatís really going on with your body but youíre too busy or itís too much of an inconvenience to see a health practitioner?

Iím not knocking you. It can be a LOT of work. I knowÖI had to go through it all in the mid eighties but it was worth it.


I was lucky enough to have Jensen and his chief assistant Sylvia Bell help me get through the entire arthritis reversal protocol.


Sometimes you need a little extra boost or even a swift kick in the pants to do what you have to do to get well again.

Knowing this, Iíll offer you the same support I have given patients and other clients in-clinic at a small fraction of what they were charged. What am I saying?

Simply thisÖ
I can help guarantee your success!


Let Me Go To Work For You And Be Your

Personal Guide Through The Next 12

Weeks And Give You The Best

Chance To Regain Your Health!


"You will have direct access to me for an additional month
to continue addressing any concerns you may have!"

If youíre feeling overwhelmed by what lies before you I can appreciate that. After all, a LOT of what youíve been exposed to may be totally new and unfamiliar to you. Iím guessing youíre in pretty much the same boat I was in when I first went to Jensen to find a natural cure for my rheumatoid arthritis.


I had some understanding about biologically friendly methods of reducing joint pain and upset stomachs that usually accompany many forms of arthritis, but I had no comprehension of HIS way of reversing my condition. I was a fish out of water looking for a fast solution to my immediate and most pressing health issue.

I've been in Your Shoes and Know
how Nervous and Uncertain You
must Feel about Your Future


I certainly needed Jensenís sage assurances and personal guidance and I got just that. In fact, my work schedule was such that after the first week of the program it would have been close to impossible for me to follow it to the letter. Although it may not be necessary for you, my circumstances were such that my intention was right but my resolve was weak and unreliable. I needed help with the protocol and I knew it!


Even with Jensenís capable assistant, Sylvia Bell, giving me gentle but persistent persuasion, it would have been a tall order to keep to the straight and narrow had it not been for Jensenís direct intervention.


Knowing how helpful his personal guidance was for me at a difficult time of my life, in that same spirit of helpfulness, I have always endeavored to offer that same level of high-quality assistance to those under my care and I now offer it to you as well.  

Two Heads are usually better than One and
the Road to Wellness can be Lonely

What am I saying? Iím offering much more of my time, expertise and support to you throughout the full length of this 12-week protocol.  Iíll even throw in 30 additional days! Trust me when I tell you there will be times when you will be glad to have me right there beside you, in spirit, making sure you go about this the right way. 

Donít get me wrong here. Iím not saying you MUST have my personal support to see this thing through to a good conclusion. Itís possible and probable you can fly right through it and emerge from the other side happy, pain free and healthy.


What I am telling you is that I represent an insurance policy that you will have the best chance of having a healthy outcome that can last for the rest of your life.


The protocol will require you to cleanse, rest, eat right, exercise, modify your lifestyle to some extent and reposition yourself emotionally and mentally, if they are contributing factors to your condition. These are things you must do to have any chance at all to arrest, reverse and ultimately recover from arthritis.


Are You Sure Your Ship is Seaworthy?

I am not attempting to dissuade you from getting the Basic Package of Natureís Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure. On the contrary, it may be one of the very best things you can do with your life at this time - if you are a self starter who needs little guidance or assistance.  Nonetheless, there are a few things you should consider before making your selection:

  • Have you had a recent health evaluation  or diagnosis of any disease state or infirmity?

  • Have you considered that, in terms of health reclamation, where you would like to go is often dependent on where and how you start your journey?

  • Are you absolutely certain there are no other health issues or important health-related concerns, such as addictions, medications, and food allergies. I should be aware of before you get started?

  • Knowing your lifestyle, resolve and ability to keep self-motivated, is there a chance you may need me by your side to help you get through the occasional rough days or to help clear your mind when you get confused about what you should or should not do during and after the protocol is finished?


       Regardless of which package you decide to go with I will be there for you when you need me.

 5 Lazer-Focused Ways I can

Help Guarantee Your Success!


What you get with the Premium Package:


1.  Iíll show you a FAST, EASY and UNIQUE way to determine your specific mental, emotional, genetic and temperamental type. This knowledge Ė which you will discover in my recently completed diet, nutrition and total lifestyle calculator Ė will help you make reliably intelligent choices about your life in several key areas, immediately after you finish the protocol.


2.  Take my 20-question Health Evaluation Questionnaire. Based on your responses, I will analyze your current health indicators, including health history, current and recent ailments, food allergies, medications, dietary habits, addictive tendencies and the like. This is the same basic query form I have used with patients and other clients for years.


3.  Once I know your basic type and health history, including present tendencies, I will inform you about what you need to do to get back on the road to wellness. I will research your data and quickly devise a comprehensive 2 or 3-page report that will be tailored to your specific biochemical and temperamental type. (See the Important section below for more detail). My recommendations should enhance your efforts to reclaim your health and your life, after the protocol is completed.


4.  I will PERSONALLY address your questions and concerns during the entire protocol and for 30 days after it is completed.  This is a 1 month extension of my personal guidance for you after the 12-week protocol is finished to make sure you are good to go. I prefer email communication. That way I have time to think about your concerns and you will have a printed record of my relevant response.


5.  Not only will I continue to communicate with you for 30 days following the end of the protocol, I will address concerns and questions about your body or the protocol as they arise, to a reasonable extent, of course. You will not have to wait for the one allowable email communication weekly to communicate with me, as you would with the Basic Package. Even if you have 3 or 4 questions, or possibly more, in any given week I will respond to them by return email as quickly as is humanly possible. This represents a tremendous savings from what you would pay for costly telephone consultations or time consuming visits to see me in clinic.

Important:  After I receive notice that you have ordered the Premium Package, I will email you the 20-question Health Evaluation Questionnaire. You will also receive a type selection calculation tool by email.

This easy to use, remarkable tool  will allow you to select your basic mental, emotional, genetic and temperament type. The type selection calculation tool shouldnít take more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The health evaluation questionnaire may take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

After you complete both you can email me your type selection and completed Health Evaluation Questionnaire. Upon receiving them I will begin working on an ideal lifestyle, diet, nutrition, occupation, exercise and climate profile that you can use for the rest of your life, starting immediately after you finish the entire protocol. I will contact you by email, usually within 48 hours, with my analysis and recommendations.

I will be available to you for clarification of any part of my instructions or recommendations and I will respond to any of your questions or concerns about your body or the protocol for 4 months!

"I am here for you every step of the way along
the path to permanent recovery


What is My One-Time Fee for
the Premium Package?

My one-time fee for the personal coaching, 12-week protocol, bonus report, health evaluation, type evaluation and 1 extra month of personal communication with me, after the protocol is completed, is:


Due to the extensive care required, I usually charge $660.00 to $1,000.00 per month for in-person ongoing patient care, depending on the severity of the affliction and the level of care required.

I am offering you my entire protocol and personal coaching for a small fraction of what you should be paying for this level and quality of information. The comprehensiveness of the protocol is beyond anything you can imagine.

I know what others are offering. Most of it is ill-conceived junk. I offer you a priceless gem of great value with which you can regain your health and take back control of your life.

This low price may not be offered again. Itís quite reasonable and priced so you can get going with the protocol NOW!

As previously mentioned, arthritis, in any form, doesnít go away by itself. You must do something to make that happen. The longer you wait to do something about it the bigger the problem youíll have on hand when you finally get around to confronting this monster.

Listen; I want to get you in here with me so you can get started on this life-changing protocol as soon as possible. Why?

Because someone who knows what he or she is doing and who has been in your shoes - someone like me - needs to help you fight and win what may be the most important battle of your life!

Interested? Make your selection below so you and I can start reclaiming your health together!

Are You Still Unsure about
Trying My
Proven Protocol?

If you are hesitant I can understand your feelings. Itís a big step for you into the unknown. Well, how about you trying out either package at my expense, for the next 30 days?

I canít expect you to trust me with your hard earned money unless I'm willing to go on a little faith here and trust you with a large and meaningful part of my lifeís work.

I have no doubts that you will see the value in what Iím offering and the potential it can have for you in changing your life and giving it new meaning.

My guarantee is good for the Basic Package or Premium Package. You can own and download your preference with total confidence.

Why not Try My Arthritis Reversal
Protocol with a Risk-Free
Guarantee of Satisfaction?



If, within 30 days of your purchase date, you feel my Basic Package or Premium Package has fallen short of your expectations, I will quickly refund every penny of your purchase price and, of course, you can keep the Special Bonus and whatever materials you have already received from me. You understand that  personal email communications with you would be discontinued at that point.

In return, for extending this guarantee to you, all that I ask from you is that you:

  • Follow the daily instructions to the letter or to the best of your ability.

  • Contact me ASAP if you should run into any difficulty with the protocol.

If I donít deliver as promised, you win and I lose.

I honestly expect you will emerge from my Nature's Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure protocol healthier, happier and determined to get on with your life. 

What can You Accomplish with Me by
Your Side in the Next 3 (or 4) Months?


I donít have a crystal ball to clearly reveal what advances you will make with your health by week 13 but I can certainly share with you health benefits others, including myself, have experienced, as indicated below:

  • Greater vitality

  • Restful sleep

  • Improved digestion

  • Improved waste elimination

  • Improved mental function including clarity of thought

  • Improved skin, nail and hair quality

  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility

  • Improved metabolic function

  • Emotional calm and joyfulness

  • Increase in muscular strength

  • Improved biochemical balance

  • Increased circulation to extremities

  • Improved sight and hearing

  • Better physiological functioning of all systems

  • Significant and sustainable weight loss

  • Reduction and eradication of joint and soft-tissue pain

  • Reduction or eradication of chronic and degenerative illness symptoms


This list is not in any way comprehensive. There are many other wonderful psychological, emotional and physical benefits that have occurred for other people who have successfully gone through this protocol.

My point being that you may experience results off the charts, so to speak. On the other hand, even if your results are not as remarkable as others may have had you can still have a completely satisfying outcome Ė given your unique set of circumstances.


Why not Claim Your Copy of Natureís Take
No Prisoners Arthritis Cure and
My Personal Coaching Today?

Right now, you are probably wondering if you can make it through my arthritis reversal protocol without too many Nature's Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure-Premium Package bumps in the road and have a satisfying health outcome.

Having written the protocol, and having once stood in your shoes, I understand your concerns. The real question is can you do it all without much assistance from me? If you are a self-starter who can conduct a protocol of this kind at home, alone, then, yes, it can be done. Many have done it without the added personal coaching and it could be that you fit that mold.

Let's put both options into perspective.

The differences between getting the Basic or Premium Package, are as follows:

  • The BASIC PACKAGE contains the 165-page downloadable protocol and bonus report; ďWhat You Should Know About Food And Your Body.Ē I will answer 1 email communication from you each week during the protocol, which includes my analysis of your Daily Worksheets, or an email summary of each weekís activities Ė your choice. My once weekly response will help keep you focused and on track.

  • With the PREMIUM PACKAGE you get the 165-page protocol, bonus report, Health Evaluation Questionnaire, genetic, psychological and emotional type selection analysis and a total health and lifestyle configuration you can use for the rest of your life, following the protocol. I will share with you everything I can possibly offer, short of me seeing you in clinic. You have me at your beck and call for 4 months instead of only 12 weeks and as the need arises Ė not just once weekly.

If you decide to go with the Premium Package the information you provide in the Health Evaluation Questionnaire and the diet, exercise and total lifestyle calculator will allow me to offer much more relevant long-term guidance to you once the protocol is completed.

Do you absolutely need my extended personal coaching? Possibly not. Will you derive a healthier, happier outcome with it? I think so, but that is your choice to make.

Let Me Help You Ease Your Suffering

As you may know, I've been in your shoes. I KNOW you're tired of being in pain. I'm sure you must be tired of not being able to do a lot of things your friends and family take for granted; like playing sports, camping, hiking, swimming, working with tools, holding kitchen utensils and dishes, climbing stairs and driving a vehicle without excruciating pain.

It's frustrating when you're afraid to shower or bathe for fear of hurting yourself. How humiliated do you feel to hear people whispering behind your back about how sad and empty your life must be having to cope with such a crippling and painful disease as arthritis?

But all of that can stop starting today. You can change your luck right now. Imagine what it will be like when you can button a shirt or blouse, shake someone's hand without grimacing in pain or to have sporting fun with friends and family without worrying about whether or not your knees or hip will give out at some inconvenient time.

At the risk of sounding boastful or pompous, you may never again have an opportunity like you have before you now to naturally and intelligently reverse your arthritic pain and anguish. You can do this starting now with my help and my clinically tested program.

Don't let this opportunity to recover from your illness slip away today because if you do you and I both know your condition is only going to deteriorate and get worse with each passing day. I believe you deserve to live and enjoy your life free of pain and discomfort. It's time for you to smile again!!

To get started right away, all you need to do is take out your credit card and click on one of the Add To Cart buttons in the order form below.

"Don't waste another moment worrying about how
much worse your condition is going to get.


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of My HIGHLY Recommended:

"Nature's Take No
Prisoners Arthritis Cure"

  Yes Paul! I'm Ready To Put "Nature's Take No Prisoners
 Arthritis Cure" To Work For Me

Basic Package: 165-page Ebook Protocol, Bonus Report and Weekly Email Communication with the Protocol Author and Practitioner!  $95.00

"I'm confident that I can pursue this protocol with minimal assistance. I'm also confident this can help me arrest, reverse and recover from my arthritis if I follow the protocol."

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Premium Package
: 165-page Ebook Protocol, Bonus Report, Unrestricted Email Communication with the Protocol Author and Practitioner, Health Evaluation Questionnaire, Type Selection Analysis plus 1 Extra Month of Personal Consultation!  $295.00

"I'm tired of suffering with this nasty ailment and want you to personally coach me through the protocol and be there for me when I need your reassuring guidance. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me and I want to get started reclaiming my health and my life as quickly as possible."

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"I'll take the package I've selected with the utmost sincerity and I'm committed to turning my life around and becoming a success story. I'm ready to take control of my life again starting right now.  I know you're in my corner and will support me throughout the entire protocol and beyond, if necessary!"

"I understand that I'm covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk in me owning the package I've selected today!"


Natures Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure

Thanks for reading. 

To your renewed health, wellness and wellbeing, 

Paul Harris 

Paul Harris, CN, CI
Nature's Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure

P.S. You've probably heard or read about scientific breakthroughs that promise to give you a brand new body free of the pain and anguish of arthritis. Biotechnology and genetics research have come a long way but they have not yet discovered how to reverse arthritis or renew affected tissue as thoroughly and effectively as nature. That is a fact! I know and understand how nature's disease reversal and tissue replacement and correction process works. I will teach it to you in my protocol.

P.P.S. My 30-day money back guarantee is absolute and I will personally refund every penny if you are not satisfied with the protocol. You can own and download whichever package is best suited to your needs with confidence. I'm here to help you succeed!

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