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Permanently Ending Arthritis Fatigue

Itís estimated that arthritis fatigue affects more than two thirds of all arthritis victims. There are a few interesting ideas put forth by the traditional medical establishment as to how it develops:

  1. The presence of arthritis in the body gives rise to protein substances in the blood called inflammatory cytokines. These are supposedly released into the bloodstream much as they are when you have a bad cold or influenza. They tend to retard energy levels.

  2. Certain prescribed medications can bring on fatigue. Drugs for pain, antidepressants, blood pressure, weight control, insomnia, corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory medications are particularly suspect.

  3. Alcoholic beverages when consumed to extremes.

  4. Anemia Ė a lack of an adequate red blood cell count to carry sufficient supplies of oxygen from lungs to bodily tissue for cellular respiration, waste removal and oxidation.

  5. Fibromyalgia, insomnia and depression can also contribute to arthritis fatigue.

As viable as these concepts may be I have found one universal condition that initiates and perpetuates Ďtired blood.í The single culprit I have noticed to be present in every instance of arthritis fatigue is cellular toxemia.

The effect of cellular toxemia on energy levels

The bodyís inability to expel cellular waste products such as carbon dioxide, excess water, harmful bacteria, metallic depositions, hard mineral depositions, viruses and morbid chemical compounds, eventually gives way to a condition where nerve force and vitality cannot efficiently enter or manifest through the cells. Healthy cellular metabolism cannot take place due to the vast accumulation of waste material.

A dysfunctional cell is not a congenial environment for the energizing influx of vitality and nerve force. The amount each cell is able to utilize and particularize of these two natural energies is minimal. Low nerve and vital force can only equate to low energy levels and fatigue.

The chemical burning process of simple sugars in your cells Ė heightened interaction of carbon compounds, hydrogen and oxygen Ė will be inadequate for the necessary generation of energy until the cell is relatively clean of excess toxic trash.

How to naturally counteract arthritis fatigue

Regardless of how often you may practice deep breathing, take exotic herbs, improve sleep patterns, go on a diet or increase exercise routines, the extra oxygen you attempt to disseminate throughout your body will have little effect in reversing your enervated condition until you begin to remove the cellular garbage inhibiting the free flow of energy your body needs to carry out efficient metabolic function.

What I have discovered, through much trial and error on myself, patients and through research, is that fatigue can only exist in a body that is toxic, biochemically imbalanced, lacking adequate amounts of sleep and where the quality and volume of blood and lymph are inadequate.

A daily program designed to address these deficiencies should show marked and rapid improvement in oneís energy level. Itís all about creating an internal atmosphere where natural forces inherent within your tissues can unfold without hindrance to carry out normal metabolic and other biological functions.

Notwithstanding physical injury, pain and fatigue normally cannot exist when your body is clean, aerated, rested, being fed properly and removing waste regularly. Remember; a clean, well-rested, exercised, biochemically balanced body is not a welcome environment for enervation and arthritis fatigue. 

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