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Many arthritis sufferers contact us to determine the real benefits of going through this program, with assistance, in contrast to doing the program alone. I always tell them there are numerous benefits of going through this kind of intensive program at an actual physical biological treatment facility.

At a sanitarium you’ll have the instant camaraderie and mutual support of other guests and the assurance that competent and knowledgeable nature cure practitioners are there for you in case of any unforeseen physiological, mental or emotional crises, or other eventualities, that you are not personally trained or equipped to handle.

Having said that, it is often much more desirable to undergo a nature cure program for arthritis in your own home and at your own pace - if that is your desire. You can adapt much of what you learned here at our Arthritis Nature Cure Center to fit your own set of circumstances.

Yes, you can do this program alone – provided you’re physically, emotionally and mentally able. The key to success is:

  • Be certain you’re well-informed about the pluses and minuses of self supervision of our program
  • Know what to do in the event of either a medical emergency or a Healing Crisis.
  • Make sure that you have direct access to a competent health care professional if the need should ever arise

If you are seriously committed to pursuing a proven, successful and sensible nature cure  program, follow this link for details about our powerful, self supervised, home study course Nature's Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure.  


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