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Doctor Bernard Jensen & the Dalai Lama
Dr. Jensen visiting with
the 14th Dalai Lama


Doctor Bernard Jensen, arthritis nature cure, arthritis pain, arthritis treatment
This elderly patient was cured of her crippling arthritis using Dr. Jensen’s Nature Cure methods. She went on to play piano with her seniors band on the Johnny Carson show.




















Arthritis Natural Cure

“Only nature can cure disease. The only thing any doctor can cure is a ham. Nature can cure and heal the body of arthritis or other degenerative disease states but she needs the right opportunity”

Dr. Bernard Jensen


Doctor Bernard Jensen, Doctor Jensen, arhtritis treatment
Dr. Bernard Jensen

How can this site and blog
help you finally do what so
many others have promised
but failed to do...
share with you a lasting cure
for arthritis
you can pursue
in the privacy of your home?



Dr. Bernard Jensen - a great man with a great vision

This site is a tribute to the life, clinical work and far reaching vision of Jorgen Bernard Jensen, DC, ND, PhD. Before delving into the subject matter at hand, I thought it only proper to mention something about the great man - in particular, his background and game changing philosophy that molded much of the thought and aspiration of 20th century complimentary and traditional health practitioners worldwide.

During most of the twentieth century, Jensen was a world-renowned health practitioner, health lecturer, author, clinical researcher and teacher of physicians and students in 65 countries. He was a great believer in the body’s ability to heal itself of arthritis or virtually any disease state if nature is allowed to orchestrate the healing process. 

In fact, Jensen was teaching patients and students, worldwide, how to cure arthritis the only permanent and lasting way when other practitioners and thought leaders were still questioning how arthritis developed.

In over 60 years of clinical sanitarium practice in California, Jensen literally saw thousands of arthritis sufferers. His highly acclaimed biologically friendly techniques for the elimination of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and other rheumatic disease states often produced miraculous results.  

Jensen was once chosen by 6,000 of his international peers to be the best doctor in the world. His circle of friends included The 14th Dalai Lama, Jiddhu Krishnamurti, many sports and theatrical celebrities, heads of state and notable alternative medicine practitioners and medical doctors. 

Arthritis natural cure is the ONLY lasting solution

Jensen learned early on in his distinguished career that there is only one way to reverse and permanently recover from arthritis or any disease state - natural cure where nature is allowed to carry out the only lasting curative healing process.

He demonstrated conclusively through his sanitarium work that any arthritis sufferer seeking to get rid of this ailment must embrace and employ the following five-step process to obtain a satisfactory health outcome: 

  • First clean the body of toxic debris at the cellular level
  • Stop further tissue deterioration
  • Begin correcting biochemical imbalances in the body
  • Replace worn out tissue with new healthy tissue
  • Reverse the disease building process through lifestyle correction

Key components of Jensen’s powerful protocol  

After experiencing Jensen's cleansing and cellular rejuvenation process first hand, a well-known English osteopath once remarked that Jensen got better results with seriously ill patients (including arthritics) than any other doctor in the world. The process the physician was exposed to is outlined below:

  • Short supervised therapeutic fast 
  • Short-term elimination and transitional diet
  • Correction of biochemical deficiencies/imbalances
  • Deep tissue cleansing at the cellular level
  • Correction of improper lifestyle habits
  • Appropriate daily exercises where possible
  • Hot and cold water therapies
  • Whole foods post treatment maintenance menus
  • Daily stimulation and cleansing of the skin
  • Sun and air bathing (heliotherapy and aerotherapy)
  • Proper breathing exercises for maximum oxygenation and vitality absorption
  • Touch therapy/massage
  • Self healing visualization using color, light and sound
  • Mental, emotional and physical rest
  • Patient education

Patients at Jensen's Hidden Valley Health Ranch and sanitarium, in Escondido, California, would experience the bulk of the protocol but it was always tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

"In keeping with the essence of Jensen's proven treatment for the various forms of arthritis,
 I offer a scaled-down, easy-to-follow protocol specifically tailored to accommodate you and
your lifestyle.

I'll show you how to get well, stay well and
enjoy your life free of the pain, discomfort
and embarassment of arthritis."

"Dear Paul. Since I have known you and followed your teachings on how to eat better for a longer life I have never felt better. I had been feeling tired, bloated, aching with all kinds of pain. I was talking to my daughter one day about how I feel and she told me about you She said you were a walking encyclopedia on health matters. I told you about my problems. As you recall, you started me on fresh vegetable juices and fresh vegetable salads for ten days. I looked in the mirror and saw that things like the juices and vegetables were making a difference. Around the seventh day my family was telling me that I looked good. I am very happy to know that someone like you will take the time to work with someone who needed help. Your teaching has taught me a new way of eating. I feel better, see better, sleep better and have lost 15 pounds in 3 months. I do not crave the no-no foods anymore. There are so many good foods to eat. I do not drink coffee. You have a magic drink that I take in the morning. One of the best things that came out of the program is that I do not crave sweets and starches anymore. I have learned to eat better and I am enjoying my new life. My husband has also started to eat healthier. I owe my new lifestyle to you Mister Paul Harris and all that I can say is I thank you”.

Emily Alfone, Georgia (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

At this site you'll discover the real cause of the rheumatic symptom complex known as arthritis. I will subsequently share with you a proven way to permanently remove the agony and anguish associated with arthritis from your life. I invite you to take a tour of the Arthritis Nature Cure Center for what could be a major turning point in your life.  

“Hello Paul. The main thing I have to say is the great concern you have for people, how you take so much of your time to give to others. From the first time I heard of you I was so filled with joy to find someone concerned with others, so I said I must do this because I felt it was my last chance to get it together. So I took the program and ran with it. I am 74 and feel younger than when I was a young girl because I was very sickly most of my life. I always didn’t feel good, but since I started the program I feel sooooooo good now. When anyone asks me how I am I say Greaaaaaaaat. Thank God for you Paul and long life so you can continue your great work. Peace and love to you.  By the way I thought you should know I no longer have any arthritic aches and pains since I have been on your program."

Jane Braxton, Georgia (Rheumatoid Arthritis/Diabetes)

I think I know why you're here

I believe you're here for answers - REAL answers to real life discomfort, aches and pains!

You want relief from your condition and you want to know if there's a proven, natural way to actually get rid of your misery in a reasonably short period of time - not more online nonsense about a little cider vinegar here and a dab of soaked raisins there. You want to know if I have a protocol for you that is simple to follow and that won't break the bank. Right?

I have answers for you that may take you a few steps off the traditionally trodden path, but, if you'll hear what I have to say and apply the simple but effective principles I'll share with you, I'm confident you can find your pot of gold.

Please be my guest

Take a few minutes now to walk with me through the online Arthritis Nature Cure Center. There's not another place quite like it online.

Discover, for yourself, the secret part of the puzzle you've been missing. Find out how to intelligently and responsibly get rid of your pain and suffering and turn your back on expensive and often ineffective arthritis treatment sessions once and for all.

Our first stop will be the Arthritis Nature Cure Lounge. I'll see you there.

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Are you ready to finally get
rid of your arthritis?

If you're ready to reclaim control of your body and your life, why not get going right now? You can enroll below for the powerful and effective arthritis reversal and recovery protocol I personally learned from Jensen and have used successfully since the mid '80s.

"Nature’s Take No Prisoners
Arthritis Cure"

"If you're serious about permanently getting rid of those
troubling arthritic aches and pains once and for all, try
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I'll take you by the hand and walk you through a powerful natural healing process, the likes of which you'd pay thousands of dollars for at any of the world's top sanitariums and health restoration clinics to experience.

This may be your best chance to get it right and reclaim your health. I know what I'm talking about. I had to use this same protocol to overcome my rheumatoid arthritis when I was a much younger man. And it has never returned.

If you're tired of being led down dark alleys and dead end streets, my Nature's Take No Prisoners Arthritis Cure is exactly what you need to be done with your illness, once and for all! 

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